I've always been amused by people that repeatedly try an occupied toilet cubicle door, as if it's somehow just stuck and will open if they keep trying it.

Today I had the experience of someone actually rotating the lock with a coin to open it, resulting in a surprisingly heated exchange with the occupant.

Why wouldn't you assume the obvious, that it is occupied?


Still gets hit on average once every three months.

People gonna people.

@PeteMoss I showed this to a truck driving friend that could not stop laughing.

Just the other week I had a woman pull at the door of my cubicle with such force, that the lock broke and door opened wide. I screamed, simply couldn't control it. I was not expecting to be exposed like that.

Besides, there were two empty cubicles next to this one!

@SeventhMagpie People can be so very strange.

I'm not surprised you let out a scream. It's a primal reaction to being very, very vulnerable.

Strange doesn't begin to cover a situation, when somebody takes by storm the only occupied toilet cubicle in the facility.

Also, women are obviously not as weak as some might think. :)

@SeventhMagpie I have two Russian colleagues. I made one of them angry once and I'm fairly sure she could destroy a house let alone a toilet door.

That's a known fact, there's even a poem about that by a classical poet Nikolai Nekrasov. :)

The horseman she'll vanquish in racing;
In danger, not flinching, she'll save:
A galloping steed boldly facing;
To enter a burning hut, brave.

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