So Dan Aykroyd is on the latest JRE podcast and 3 minutes in the vodka skull is on the table and they start talking about aliens... :rainbowdance:


@encarsia Does Joe interrupt him constantly? 😄

@sullybiker It's more a passing ball situation...they should be locked up with Neil deGrasse Tyson...

@sullybiker He was there just last week so that constellation might not be improbable.

@encarsia I couldn't sit through that. It was too much NDT.

@encarsia Normally I find them an enjoyable gym companion, but it really matters that it's a guest that isn't going ot bring out the worst in Joe.

I've only listened to a few episodes. Joe's fine but some of his guests...

@frankiesaxx @encarsia Yes. He quite famously will talk to anyone...for better or worse. He also has a tendency to assume the positions of whoever he is talking to. He doesn't ask hard questions.

@sullybiker In general I accept this approach, after all he is an entertainer himself and not a self-proclaimed journalist.
There are frequently guests that I would usually not (be interested in) listen(ing) to.


@encarsia @frankiesaxx I'm ignorant of a large number of his guests, he's so prolific. I like the comic guests though, because he's familiar with that world and the conversation flows more naturally.

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