Holy shitsnacks the datacenter is cold as shit at the desk. I am shivering yet have to remain here while the engineer does his thing.

@sullybiker haha reminds me of this one datacenter room at an old ISP job which was converted from office space and it still had baseboard heaters and one day i discovered the building reconnected them and turned them on... our datacenter climate control was not happy. i was wondering why it wasn't so cold in there that day... then I could smell the heating elements...
@feld @sullybiker oh ahahahahahaha it's sounds really funny, but given the time I spent in DCs I feel the pain for you

@href @feld Invariably the cold air outlet is over the KVM stations, which are also the only seating in the place.

@sullybiker @feld Of course. A trip at the DC isn't fun if you don't catch a cold and tinnitus
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