I'm having one of those days when I came into work specifically to do some jobs and nothing. not one thing is going right.

@sullybiker Maybe you should leave it alone for the time being and do something else.

I have found that such days are often signs that I'm doing something wrong or making wrong decisions. And if I insist on doing it anyway, there are usually consequences. And then looking back there's only: "Why couldn't I take a hint?"

@SeventhMagpie You are correct, of course. My frustration just led to more mistakes. But when you make a special effort to do something there's something of a sunk cost and you don't want to have to do it all again...

@sullybiker Still, sometimes it would probably make sense to - how do you say it? - lock in losses. Because ploughing forward might bring even more damage.

This reminds me of Figure Skating Euros in 2008, I think? Where one of our guys was going to jump a quad, a very difficult element. He tried and fell. But instead of going on with his program, he kept trying to do this quad in place of all other jumps. And kept falling. Ruined everything, placed somewhere in the bottom. It was true madness.

@SeventhMagpie Yes, in competitive situations the tendency to fixate on difficult routines is very common.

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