This is National Socialist tier shit, and it makes me really quite uncomfortable. It's not okay to commit reputational murder because of guilt by association. And it's not okay to make fucking lists of political targets. Is this progress?

holding people accountable for their actions is NAZI? Ok...

@musicman Despite all the bullshit, this is still a free country. People can vote for and support whoever they please.

As for your question, Post-Weimar Germany this is precisely how political opponents were persecuted, and eventually - because these things always grow - ordinary people.

Wikipedia has lists? Are they NAZI?

Is the site advocating killing people? If not, then you are being ridiculous to the extreme.

@musicman That's rather obtuse. And they're not advocating for killing people...yet.

yes, in post-Weimar Germany Internet stes were "precisely how political opponents were persecuted". Just listen to yourself. Go mediate. you are going to blow a gasket.
I'll level with ya. Let me know when there's a .gov attacking opponents. Then you can say "I told you so".

Biden has made his career as a centrist. Maybe you're talking something longer term (I think myopic would have been a better word choice than obtuse, but whatever).

But seriously, all the finger pointing and ridiculous rhetoric on both sides needs to stop.

@musicman I think Biden's point of view is a lot more moderate. I hope that carries the day. He's already starting well.

@musicman That's fair enough. Thanks for keeping it civil.

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