I don’t know who needs to hear this (apparently way too many people) but it is NOT more important to give domestic terrorists and their leader a platform for planning more riots and murder than it is for the United States to keep existing as a country with a democratically-elected government. It’s NOT more important for the mob to post online than it is for people not to be murdered. For those who disagree with that, do you even see what you’re saying?


What's interesting to me is that nobody's free speech rights are being violated. As usual, one is not free of consequences from exercising that right.

The platforms that they have been using to support whatever is that they feel their right is to say (which they still have) have a right not to support their material.

Overturning a free and fair election isn't something anyone in a democracy should be supporting, and especially not by violent means.

I'd tell the insurrectionists to go back to the U.S. Mail, but they don't like the postal service anymore, either.


@TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff Because it's someone you don't like, you're pleased about it. I get it, but recognize the advance of corporatism is not something to applaud. Large tech companies getting involved in political issues and taking actions on those issues is pandoras box. Good luck when they turn their attention to something you like, which they will.

@TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff For instance, do you consider it a good thing that Apple, AWS, Google, and Twitter have effectively shown they can remove competitors at will? Do you trust them to use this power wisely? Because I do not.

I don't really care about any of them. Don't use them.

Twitter has suspended me more than once.

I'm personally talking about the people I see pressuring instance admins here to not say they aren't hosting certain content.

Nobody has a right to a platform here, or anywhere for that matter.

I don't agree with a lot in the Fediverse, either, but I don't bother it.

If it gets people killed, though, you bet I would.

So, no, it doesn't have anything at all to do with not liking it.

@TonyStark @sullybiker @NatashaRomanoff Cant believe my morning and early afternoon is people hard core defending Nazis.

Mr. Biker, I don't remember seeing you when we were defending #BLM.

It's really telling to see which one people are more worried about!!

@PixxburghGirl @TonyStark @sullybiker It's exhausting just to be a person in this plane of existence today, having to witness the things people are revealing about themselves and their values.

There's some real racist bullshit up there.

Deplatform the racists. All of them.

Give me a damn break. It's not going to damage your ability unless you are a racist.

It doesn't matter who's doing it or why.

Deplatform racists.

@PixxburghGirl @TonyStark @sullybiker

@sullybiker You see, you're taking a longer term view. Most people I see posting online are only thinking "this will make it harder for people I don't like to post online or to organize their events", while I'm looking more at #$CORPORATIONS can coordinate their activities in opposition to a smaller entity like a #Fediverse site".

It's distressing, because people aren't seeing the precedents that they're allowing to be set.

I don't know anything at all about #Parler, except that it is supposed to be a site for right-wing folks. But what happens when the political climate changes and suddenly #MastoSoc is being kicked off of every possible service (along with the cloud of instances who hold their same views as mastodon.social and its userbase)?

@sullybiker @TonyStark There was and is no inalienable right to the space on these companies’ platforms. They aren’t public utilities. There’s no free speech protection for planning terrorist attacks.

They’ve already got multiple TV networks willing to give them a platform. Is that not more than enough?

@NatashaRomanoff Letting corporations run everything is a separate issue.

Congress can't take away your right to express yourself, and by extension, the rest of the government. Trump doesn't get to silence political opponents either. Not in the public square -- and it's why he really shouldn't have anything to do with private businesses while he's in office either.

It's a problem that tech companies have so much power, which is why Congress needs to regulate them. Amazon hasn't yet found a way to stop people from shouting in the street. Donald Trump and his followers can all be this guy if they want. youtube.com/watch?v=uVWo0mhxiB

@sullybiker @TonyStark

@MariaHill @NatashaRomanoff @sullybiker @TonyStark

Amazon has blocked parler and seems to want control of retail by trampling on any one who sells stuff independently.

@zleap @MariaHill @sullybiker @TonyStark I'm struggling to understand why that's relevant in this discussion, unless you're suggesting that the trump cultists are somehow similar to independent small businesses (which they certainly are not).

@NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @sullybiker @TonyStark

This is more about how amazon are treating retail in generally.

How far should big tech reach in to everything if we are not careful we could find this current crisis is used to seize even more control

Are you planning on mounting an insurrectionist coup to overturn an American presidential election, Paul, and include in that coup forcing your way into federal buildings armed and with equipment clearly meant to take hostages and harm or kill other human beings?
@NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @sullybiker

@TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @sullybiker

No, of course not, I am equally concerned as others as to the reach of Big tech


Then you should be for the break up of big tech.

Not defending Nazis being deplatformed.

@NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @sullybiker

@TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @sullybiker

That was never my intention defend the de platforming of anyone.

Glad to hear it.

I think issues are being conflated here.

There is, allegedly, another insurrectionist attack being planned for Inauguration Day in all 50 states. What -45 said last week is the worst yet, but in line with his racist calls and incitements to violence for 4 years, even further than that if you look. It should all be shoved out of acceptability.

What's truly happened with Amazon is capitalism. They decided it was too risky to be associated with him as a business decision.

I do think Amazon and other big tech has too much power. The solution isn't asking them to leave the Nazis up. It is to reduce their power by not using them at all, for one, and to support regulating it so they pay taxes, pay workers, and so Bezos isn't a billionaire.

I think these are important discussions, but they are taking focus off of a much more serious problem- people attacked our Capitol and want to again. We must focus on stopping that.

@NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @sullybiker

@TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @sullybiker

Agreed, sorry if I mis-understood something, along the way here.

Out of interest, if they do impeach president Trump, are there any emergency powers that can be put in place to help the authorities not only deal with this on the ground, but enable the courts to act swiftly and robustly against anyone who tries more of this insurrection.

Power would go to Pence. I don't like him, but at least he doesn't appear to want to be involved with this right now.
@NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @sullybiker

@TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @sullybiker

I think he has tried to distance himself from Trumps support of the insurrection, he has probably had enough and what happened was the final straw.

That is the material point. It's 2 different issues and the one that's most important is getting overshadowed.
@zleap @NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @sullybiker

@zleap @MariaHill @sullybiker @TonyStark No one was talking about retail. That's an entirely separate issue that's important, but not here and now, on this thread.

@NatashaRomanoff @sullybiker @TonyStark
From a YouTube clip of 'Beau of the Fifth Column', paraphrasing, "it's probably not possible for Twitter to infringe on Trump's 1A rights, and more likely that by forcing Twitter to platform Trump, Twitter's 1A rights are being trampled on by the government/Trump."

@sullybiker @TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff

I agree with this, hence my comment that Amazon are trampling all over everything else,

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