So I just posted a comment on a Facebook post by our NZ Privacy Commissioner bemoaning the privacy threat of the mega multinational tech social media (Google/Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)... while remaining in complete apparent denial that there's another way - yes, the Fediverse. I posted a comment citing ... and Facebook autoblocked the submission of the post... and without explanation of why it was blocked (I also put links to a few Mastodon instances in it).


@lightweight Good effort. I'm a big believer in advertising the Fedi but an awful lot of people that profess to hate big tech are too enamoured with their network effect (All my friends/topics/family/interests are better represented there etc etc etc) it's hard getting people to unplug.

@sullybiker we just have to ensure the Fediverse is an attractive alternative. To do that, I'm making the personal commitment to "open & decentralised first, proprietary & centralised second, if at all"

@sullybiker eventually, for each user, I'm confident FB will overreach themselves in their greed, and that user will be motivated to go elsewhere... and the Fediverse needs to be discoverable and appealing.

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