My wife's cousin is currently in prison in India with charges of running an "illegal conversion racket".

The charges have been upgraded to Treason, somehow.

He was shipped up from the South to the North for the show-trial, likely to spur up nationalistic sentiments.

Think Trump, but unfettered in India.

@fikran What does the original charge mean? Currency? I hope they get some decent legal help, but if it's politically motivated he's probably in the shit.

@sullybiker Google "Umar Gautam", he's a convert to Islam from Hinduism quite a while ago and facilitated people who converted to Islam. My wife's cousin is part of the "conversion ring" named Salahuddin Sheikh. She grew up with him as her 2nd father of sorts (he's much older).

Broader picture: India adopted the ideology Hindutva, its basically part of the far-right wave.

The charges were recently upgraded to Treason. Again, its a show-trial to get safron-wearing Hindutva going nuts.

My wife's cousin and Umar Gautam are from a Southern province called Gujarat, but their trial was shipped far north to a province called Uttar Pradesh. Why? Because that is a strong-house of the Hindutva. It's the equivalent of how the South is Trump country.

@fikran Thanks for the explanation. Sad that there is religious persecution still going on

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