@claudiom @fikran @stsp Yes, it is a matter of aptitude. I see it all (work at a university) and I can tell you some very smart people don't do computers well at all. It's all about experience and personal interest.

@sullybiker Totally! Hell, I have no interest in finance or business, yet I'm fascinated at the knowledge of those in such fields. @fikran @stsp


@claudiom @fikran @stsp It's quite funny to walk into a professor's offfice, see a blackboard brimming with horrendous looking equations and him ask why his plug'n'play printer won't 'plug'n'play' (because he didn't have a dongle)...

@sullybiker Heh, I'm sure they think the same of us when we look glassy-eyed at the cryptic writing on the board. 😅 @fikran @stsp

@claudiom @fikran @stsp Someone once asked me to look at their R Code and why their regression wasn't working and I had to remind them they had forgotten what I know about both mathematics and R.

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