More responsibility at work has meant a lot more involvement with Windows, and while I'll do it because it's my job, holy shitballs do I dislike it.

So much busy work to do because of proprietary nonsense, and the whole ecosystem feels like a giant cluttered mess.

Take remote administration for example; Windows is incredibly open by default and yet getting this to actually work is surprisingly annoying. Everything about it annoying.


Powershell is a step in the right direction but Microsoft never found something they couldn't fuck up. Take the security modules: There are *85* cmdlets. Its bonkers.

It does give you a lot of *Nix-like commands (which are aliased to various powershell cmdlets) but it's something, at least.

But look at big tin for example, there is still no way - almost amazingly - to say "I would like this filesystem on that Raid Virtual disk thank you". You can't do it. It's not a use case. You can mount a volume on the filesystem but not anywhere useful.

The entire ecosystem is designed- by-committee bullshit. I swear it's intentionally arcane and complex to sell certs.

The AD is out of our control, so you get bonkers things happening like the built-in admin account getting disabled via GPO, so you can't add yourself to the admin group on the server, and have to ask someone else to do it, FML

@sullybiker @theruran it's designed to be backwards compatible all the way to shit written by banks in 1986, so any new thing they invent has to be bolted in somewhere that won't require the manual for a foxpro database to be updated

@xarph @theruran I just love the absolutely insane design language, where it's shiny at the top level and then you dig just a bit deeper and you're back to NT

@sullybiker @theruran i still close windows by double clicking the upper left so I consider this an absolute win

@xarph @theruran You could paint it brown and give it a wacky name

@Xarph @sullybiker @theruran

Take a look at the work done by Open-Source-Ecology's Open Buildings Institute,

All of the designs are made to be compliant with the USA building codes. :D

@BillySmith @sullybiker @theruran i assure you that building codes are not my obstacle to homeownership

@Xarph @sullybiker @theruran

That's why i suggested them, as they are way cheaper to build. :D

@BillySmith @xarph @theruran I bought a Reform computer. It's probably the most expensive computer I bought but it's something nice and the project really works hard at it.

@BillySmith @xarph @theruran THe project manager told me "You're going to have to change the way you work" with a fucking smirk, no less.

@BillySmith It's @xarph @theruran It's not powerful, but you can get into everything with just a single screwdriver. It's rather like an old thinkpad. Proper keyboard, too.

@BillySmith @xarph @theruran It's ARM so you've not got tremendous power. It forces you to think a little differently about how you use it, a bit like a Raspberry Pi. You can do everything, but you might need to think about it.

@BillySmith @xarph @theruran Monstrously heavy framework apps are a non-starter. Debian Sid's arm64 support is pretty decent though.

@xarph @theruran People rag on open-source projects but honestly, they're a lot easier to get along with for the most part.

@xarph @theruran Apropos of which, remind me to go on a tear about Redhat at some point, if you're having trouble sleeping.

@xarph @theruran "Hey, we know you really like this thing and find it useful, so I'm afraid we will have to kill it"

@sullybiker @theruran "we didn't kill it we just made it impossible to run in production"

@xarph @theruran "Everyone is running containers these days anyway, so just fuck off"


There was a design-principle that software ended up being a model of the organisation that built it, and the different departments of MS HATE each other... :D

@BillySmith This reminds me of the amount of time a company I've worked at has brought some clunky piece of shit product and have persuaded themselves that it is the way we work that is wrong; the app is the right way.

@BillySmith For example we all got borged into the main helpdesk software at work (We had our own we paid for) and it's total, total shit.

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