Credit Suisse gets 50 BILLION of what I am sure has been happily donated by the world's wealthiest.

Oh no, that's right, they just got paid by Joe public to continue playing the tables with their customer deposits. As usual we all pay for banking fuck ups and nobody learns anything. JFC.


Absolutely no good can come from teaching financial criminals that it's okay, no matter what you do, you'll be bailed out.

At some point they'll fuck up enough that it will beyond fixing. If I helped myself to my neighbors money and hit the casino I'm pretty sure the result would not be "Oh *you*. Here's a few thousand dollars - do you promise not to do it again?" People need to go to jail for this shit.

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@sullybiker In Switzerland they can have referendums for that stuff. Maybe an option like “I’m ok with bailing them out as soon as I can see them rotting in jail” could win?

@josemanuel It scares me what sort of future we've built printing endless amounts of currency to pay for what's basically a gambling habit. At some point the chickens come home.

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