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A beautiful summer afternoon at Farnborough in 2008.

EOS 20D, 18-55 w/polariser.

Speaking of mornings, this was daybreak in Salaries, Andalucia, back in November 2005.

Canon EOS 300D, 18-55 kit lens.

A disused olive press in a yard in Saleres, Andalucia, April 2018.
EOS 60D, 50mm 1.8.

Orient & Overseas Container Line (OOCL) Hamburg leaving Southampton, 2010. I used to work at a shipping company doing logistics for containers. I hated it, but the ships were cool.

Canon 20D, Sigma 20-40 F2.8.

Southampton Water looking towards Marchwood / Hythe, 2005. Canon EOS 300D, 70-200 F4 L.

The old Railway Terminus at Southwestern House, Southampton. Long since closed. This was the original terminus for passengers travelling on ships ex Southampton, Titanic most famously. It ajoins the hotel where the affluent used to stay.
iPhone 3G camera, April 2010.

Harbour Lights Picturehouse, Southampton, July 2010. EOS 20D, Sigma 20-40 F2.8, stacked exposure.

The Queen Mary II departing Southampton, 2009. EOS 20D, Sigma 120-400.

Southampton, Hampshire, back in December 2010. Snow was quite rare in my 15yrs there; this and the previous year saw some of the largest accumulations I'd seen. This was the same weather that closed EGKK (London Gatwick) for about three days.

These were taken with an HTC Desire.

This time last week I took a walk out on Las Vegas strip at 6am. I like cities at first light, there's always an interesting vibe. #photography Show more

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