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@onepict @humanetech they tried to head hunt me some Years back. It was all very cultish. Fucked that right off.

Work is having a 'booster event' on a couple of days this month. Hopefully I can get my vax booster, as opposed to being sent into space.

@txt_file @_xhr_ We have a natural inclination to challenging things, and it sometimes pays off. Come computing as an appliance is nice, but most of them are shit.

This is a testament to the Whimsy of marketing people being siloed from operations, because they ask to do totally silly things like a bunch of redirects that make no bloody sense.

Someone has left a comment in this htaccess file that says "I am probably going to regret this". The file has 60 lines; I am already regretting reading it.

@_xhr_ Getting down in the weeds with more complex DIY distributions (or any that require some CLI work) teaches you to think about things differently, in my experience. It's not about being smarter or more skilled, just a different approach.

@wyliecoyoteuk I love that sort of shopping. Reminds me of going out with my dad in the Middle East.

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@why I think you'll find that's called hell

Selfies ec 

@claudiom @fikran There is no harder engineering exercise than making the complex simple.

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I just found out about ! They are a OpenBSD VPS provider, and they donate 10% to OpenBSD. They are approaching donating $1000/month to OpenBSD. If you are looking for a VPS, and you like OpenBSD, then you might try them out! I think I am going to try to use it as cheap VPN. #vpn #openbsd

@noelle LOL Venv itself was invented because the ecosystem is borked

@bitecode "Nice hairbrush!"

"Thank you"

"Shut up, you're under arrest"

@bitecode Very true, also what is considered forbidden is at the whim of the oppressor, thus you can always be guilty of *something*.

@claudiom The saying that Linux and BSD let you do very stupid things in order to also be able to do very clever things is absolutely true. It's freedom, but the cost is eternal *vigilance.

*Constant education

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