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While you studied the blade, I was partying
While you mastered the blockchain, I was partying
While you cultivated inner strength, I was partying

And now that the world is on fire and the barbarians are at the gate, I'm still partying.

I don't even know who you are.

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Did you know?

Percentages are reversible. 8% of 25 is the same as 25% of 8, and often one of them is much easier to do in your head.

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I don't know the result of my PET scan, but my oncologist was sufficiently motivated to order a follow up MRI of the brain. Not done my nerves much good.

Recruiters using the short form of my name in unsolicited emails can go and fuck themselves.

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The third post in my Making A Website series has been published - we've now added a menu!

You can see the progression of the site on #MyLightWebsite:

I do like watching Josh Steffen hammer out some Dave Lombardo. Sizzling hi-hat sound, too.

Details matter. If you get that wrong, what else have you got wrong?

Buzzfeed again proving that the bar for being called a white supremacist is now immeasurably low, and perpetuating the channer hoax 'okay sign is racist' bullshit.
Great example of fighting on a lie.

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> In 2019, 42 became the last integer to be solved for the Diophantine equation, which seeks to express every number between 1 and 100 as the sum of three cubes. The solution, which required a million hours of processing time, is (-80538738812075974)^3 + (80435758145817515)^3 + (12602123297335631)^3 = 42.…

Quite the feat for "a completely ordinary number, a number not just divisible by two but also six and seven [ . . . ]‌ the sort of number that you could without any fear introduce to your parents".

No question that as pretty as Latex can be, you can fight with it sometimes and end up thinking 'Fuck this, I'll just use Word'.

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