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I find gas turbines and mechanical things fascinating, I really like this channel:

1st and I suspect not the only sortie to the office completed to troubleshoot a server that would not come back up. It's an odd feeling being in a place you're so used to seeing full of life.

I really enjoy these things. Modern manufacturing is a marvel.

Throwback to heading out to Las Vegas, I snapped this picture of Denver using PIxel 2's night mode. Pretty nifty.

So glad I got to see this on the day. Pavel Vlasov demos the MiG-29M OVT thrust-vectoring demonstrator, lots of somersaults and free-falling aerobatics.

Who the fuck are all these randos in my timeline

Swiftonsecurity is a great exampls of what happens when a Twitter gimmick starts thinking they are a somebody.

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COVID-19 has brought about rapid changes in human activity and movement around the world. We've funded four more projects that use @NASAEarth satellite data & resources to investigate different environmental, economic and societal impacts of the pandemic: 

Went with family to the local exhibition farm. It was quiet. It was good to connect with other living things even if they were cows and horses. They seemed happy for attention too.

I'll probably file a report for this but I have a lot of work on at the moment, Ill probably just scoot into Cinnamon if I must use Xorg.

MPV is broken in Gnome/Wayland for me on Fedora 32. That's new. Works alright in Xorg.

"Linux & Node install

Additionally, the CLI can be installed as a Node package on any platform"

*Endless retching noises*

Gnome software center crashes just because you look at it.

Strange pandemic dreams latest: There were crocodiles in the stream near my home, but they could talk. They sounded like Jeremy Irons.

Midnight is where the day begins 馃馃幑馃幎

The Strip District of Pittsburgh in April 2011. I don't think this view is possible anymore as this area has been extensively redeveloped in the name of ever more apartment developments.

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