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Interesting that mail spammers are tying ipv6 sockets sporadically. My postfix service is filtered but not on Ipv6, I was wondering where they were coming from...

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I strongly doubt the authenticity of this but it still makes me chuckle.

I can't believe this was 15yrs ago. Whenever I visited dad, I used to get up first thing on my last morning there and take a sunrise photo. This was the best from all of those visits.

1983 was peak Cold War in Germany. The year of Able Archer, and the last time the Soviets really looked like they might have been on a war footing.

Super bit of cold war history, when Germany would have been right in the middle of the shit if things ever kicked off.

Whatever Biden does, I hope they don't restore the Foreign Policy status quo of endless interventionism and war. Trump - more through accident than design - brought some progress to extricating the military industrial complex out of some no-win places.

The nightmares of building from source have all come back to me. It's terribly hard to troubleshoot if you're not a developer.

Learnt something interesting today, RHEL/CentOS compiler toolchain & ABI is pretty old. Even Debian's is much more recent. Could not for the life to me get some R packages to build for a researcher until I tried them on my Debian test environment.

I think this happens because the dev needs to create a MySQL user so they google that, and the how-tos show how to make a superuser account, so that's what they do.

"Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more."

There are, for example, some users I've encountered that believe every CLI command must be prefixed with 'sudo' because they've never learnt what privileges are all about.

Same sort of user that uses root for every damn thing. I think Ubuntu's 'how to' culture is partially to blame here, as it inculcates this practice of casually sudo'ing all over the place, like a dog pissing on every lamp post.

Man, there's a type of dev that will just take every shortcut going.

No it is not alright for your web app to have root DB access. Do it properly.

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Jesus Christ Pajiba is sub-Gawker levels of trashy adolescent shit.

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