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Because the problem remains, and ultimately somebody has to pay for it.

Always surprised me HOAs don't create some kind of collective cooperative credit union, so they can at least raise capital and have some mechanism for paying for it longer term. Maybe they do, idk

You don't have to have a crystal ball to work out that's not going to be reachable for most people. There must be a better way.

In the case of re-finishing a flat roof or painting the building, okay, but major repairs? Doesn't work. The special assessment for the building that collapsed apparently meant all residents paying 82000 USD.

The trouble is the method for dealing with maintenance projects in this condos, the so-called 'Special Assessment' is completely insane. Basically the residents have to collectively fund works.

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I am growing tired of security researchers digging out esoteric, difficult to execute exploits, releasing them with scary names and then reapng clout. It's utterly tedious.

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OK, port done. Go test and let me know!

It should just work(TM) on all archs (where "all" might == "little endian").

#OpenBSD #tic80 #game #gaming #PlayOnBSD #Unix

Bluetooth audio implementations are weird. My wireless earbuds have this fade-in with every embedded audio file or web video. I don't understand why. My Bose headphones just play it like you'd expect.

The inimitable Marlon's Ducati Factory tour is absolutely brutal. I could barely get through it for laughing.

I really need to stop biting with Holocaust deniers on Youtube.

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