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I didn't mind the ersatz Morpheus so much, but the antagonist didn't really work for me at all. They really needed someone with Hugo Weaving's weight in that role. Instead we got some valley chad.

It falls short of the innovative high of the original films, but Wachowski knows this isn't repeatable - that's a cornerstone of the film. But I didn't understand the third act at all. It wasn't comprehensible to me. For all that I quite enjoyed it.

So, Matrix Resurrection. It's not half as bad as some have made out, not even close, but it reminds me a lot of Trainspotting 2. It's a sequel nobody needed, and is caged in every dimension by the past, so they make a little meta joke out of it. The whole time. Is it necessary? Is any art necessary? I honestly don't know.

This is really stupid but I just canno stop laughing at it.

...They wheel it into the garage (where more than 4 crew are permitted to work on it) and it's fixed in under two minutes. Endurance racing mechanics, and the engineers that design the kit parts are amazing.

Also the leading Porsche's arse fell off 1hr before the end

Top prank at AF Corse during Le Mans wherein they have zip-tied a sleeping mechanic to his chair.

Am I amused that there is a countryballs game called 'Ball of Duty: Modern Ballfare"? Yes, yes I am.

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Windows 10 phones will soon detect which phone is being charged and label it in real time

The intro to Michael Clayton, with Tom Wilkinson's monologue, is the start of a brilliant and underrated film. Beautifully shot and realised.

How is bluetooth so utterly shit? Is this really the best we can do?

The clock has rolled over, it is officialy my birthday 🎈

WEC doing diversity before it was fashionable. Teenagers racing alongside boomers. Two all-women teams, and two paraplegic drivers. All having fun roaring along in the dark.

Every sportscar race is is its own 3 act play. Amazing drama.

Watching a replay of this years Le Mans 24hr in manageable chunks because I'm apparently that age now. I like the night phase and the change in atmosphere. And the insanity of cars charging through the French countryside at 330kph in the dark with only their headlights doing the work.

A very merry Xmas to all my fedi friends. Hope you're enjoying the holidays, and here's a great 2022 while I'm at it.

Kasprowy Wierch summit, basically in a snow cloud, although it wasn't as cold as you might think.

The cable car up to Kasprowy Wierch. It was not so cold on this occasion; the following year it was brutal (-20C/-4F) and going out was not so enjoyable.

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