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I used to work for P&O Nedlloyd (now Maersk) in 2000, the ships did not have a long life. A 7yr old ship was considered old. They get worked hard and the sea beats the shit out of everything.

I enjoyed this tour of Maersk Ohio. Ships have always been fascinating to me.

I don't know why he likes to hang his head off the couch but he's fallen off twice doing this. I've started to hold onto him.

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The story behind this is wild: Someone in Texas found this bust at the thrift store, and paid $35 for it. It turns out it's actually 2000 years old and was probably looted by an American soldier during WWII from a replica Roman villa in Germany that had some genuine artifacts as well:

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Glowing clothes from 1965, made with phosphorescent rosary beads, by Roberto Capucci.

"It has to do with Capucci's vision of the woman of the future: 'I saw her entering a dark nightclub like a lunar apparition.'" - LIFE, October 1965


My youngest is sick. Same as last mother's day.

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That Superduke (not mine, alas) is the most insane street bike. It's totally overpowered and has some electronics just to keep the front wheel down.

Also lets me upload pictures which Tusky hasn't done for a couple of weeks now.

But I am still here, so all is good.

It's stable now, but that was the start of a very difficult year that began with a retinal disorder and ended in a fairly serious cancer diagnosis.

All pf this crap with my eyes started after this ride just a hair over four years ago.

The official Mastodon app ain't too bad.

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Mother of the year. Olare Motorogi Conservancy, #Kenya. © Yaron Schmid (Photographer of the Year 2022 entry)

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Musicians of the fediverse, you still got over 1 week (until May 17th) to write, record and enter your song to the #fedivision Song Contest! Read up on this year's rules on and join the fun!
#eurovision #Fedivision2022 #music

Finally two days of endless rain gives way to sunshine.

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Someone made a working 3d-printed F1 transmission.

Seamless shift is insane.

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