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@Curator Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend!

I'm kaya and I design cross stitch patterns 🥳
I'm a disabled bi woman and needlework have been a shelter to me for years.
My inspirations are mostly related to pop culture and most of my work thrives to have fun with color palettes and composition.
My favourite thing is when my designs are used to craft gifts for loved ones.

#crossstitch #needleart #mastoart #artistsonmastodon (sorry i screwed the first post)

Two NS SD60es wait for a crew change at Wilmerding, PA. Canon EOS 6D, Sigma 100-300

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I just made an new Mastodon instance focused on #neuroscience at . I'd like this to be a cozy space to discuss the wonders of the brain, from cells to thoughts. If you do research in neuroscience or even have a general interest in it, come by and check it out!

#instance #mastodon

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New here, like many recent converts. I’m Brent, a long time album cover artist. I’ve worked mostly in the metal genre but I try to keep it classy:)
Clients include Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Death Angel, Trivium to name a few. I plan on sharing more work, process, concepts and ideas in great detail than I could on the other site

#art #illustration #MastoArt #introduction

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Are folk on Mastodon familiar with History Scotland magazine, which I co-edit? Best publication out there for anybody interested in Scottish History, and with a whole range of other stuff too, including web resources and our brilliant webinar series. Check us out here: #Scotland #history #heritage #archaeolgy

The year before I came to the states I visited my dad pretty regularly in the North of England. One Saturday I drove across to the village I lived as a teenager. Didn't appreciate it when I was younger. A lot of memories in that place.

This is Roscoe. He is owned by the barman at my dad's local in the Spanish village he lives in. Roscoe stole my heart (and most of my dinner)

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A single 400-year-old ancient oak produces 234,000 litres of oxygen a year while soaking up carbon dioxide, and can support more than 2,000 species of bird, insect, fungus, and lichen. Nature is amazing - we need more of it, not less.

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@Curator I am a Blind writer that writes a lot of fiction with Blind characters and personal essays. Find my writing page here where you can read books and more

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Hello Mastodon, hello world! We, the Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence, will from now one share exciting toots and research news in the Fediverse!

They're also late to the party; this was done to death years ago.

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I'm looking at a thread on bird site of Journos kvetching about DMs getting read, because they're all disgusting little gossips and are scared it'll come out.

They're going to protest by not coming to the Fedi. I am of course devastated.

Some quick pictures of the dog this afternoon, he was by the window in very bright sun so pulled the camera out.

One of our intern's handiwork. I forgot her name, just the one time. I do miss her.

Conemagh Dam, PA, in March 2018.

I think I used a polarizer, or it might be the light fall-off on the full-frame sensor, Not sure.

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Things Brits will say sorry for:

Being hit with a shopping trolley
Bumping into a cupboard
The mess in a clean house
Needing an ambulance
Someone being in their reserved seat
Having to squeeze by
Asking for the bill
Being short changed
Having a door held for them
Nothing at all

I hope everyone has that Friday feeling. It's beer O'clock!

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