"If you want to be a policymaker in EU, you need to be a bit schizophrenic. On one hand you need to keep saying platforms (Facebook, Google, etc) are too big, on the other they're not doing enough to combad copyright infringement, terrorism content, hate speech, etc etc."

"Putting pressure on platforms to fight these things is in a way privatized law enforcement. Putting law enforcement in the hands of companies."

"new regulation on 'terrorist content' has a definition of it that is incompatible with previously existing law on it"

"Law enforcement is outsourcing dealing with terrorist content etc to the platforms."

"Pressure [for Platforms] from policymakers is to take down more; pressure from the public is to take down more; pressure from advertisers is to take down more. (...) Even if you're trying not to take wrong stuff down, it's hard. Especially for smaller platforms -- language and cultural barriers mean that it's just easier and safer to take stuff down when in doubt"

"We should expect overremoval in the terrorism context. And we won't know the scale because we won't have the data unless something changes dramatically"

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"Christchurch Call mirrors closely EU cyberterrorism law. EU laws enable other places, including Russia, to pass similar laws that can be used to suppress speech in places like Russia."


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"Would these anti terrorism measures okay if they were actually equally applied across the whole spectrum of violent terrorist content? No, because we still don't have the technical answers right."

(i.e. there would still be overblocking)

"I don't want Apple, Google, or Facebook decide what terrorism and violent content is. I'm not sure we need an international body for that either."

"Violent extremism is different than terrorism, it's an important difference. Women's Suffrage was considered a terrorist movement at some point."

"In Morocco there are officially no political prisoners, because activists are not prosecuted for their political acts but on trumped up charges, especially for terrorism -- with terrorism it's very easy, because the process is streamlined and defending is more complicated. The West doesn't know or care about these cases."

"I won't talk about Egypt because we only have 1 hour."

"Antiterrorism laws are passed under pressure after a terrorism event, are often introduced with the caveat they're 'only temporary', but they stay on the books for ever; that's why it's important to fight them as soon as they appear as proposals."


@rysiek In England a local authority used them to enact surveillance on residents to check they were recycling their rubbish.

I was questioned outside an airport under the prevention of terrorism act because I was sitting down smoking a cigarette opposite the bus stop.

Authorities will do whatever the law allows them to do; legal pretext is merely a formality.

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