Been a while since I've done this.

Butts in seats, about to push back.

(#selfie, eye contact)

Arrival to the airport was a little to close to enjoy the lounge, but I still made the gate with plenty of time.

Gotta replace my compression socks, the elastic has gone on holidays.

Fully vaxxed, i basically live in isolation, and I'm fully masked foe the whole trip as well.

Seatmate is an airline employee, which other than "empty" is the best of the possible options

My seatmate is listening to the song "Men In Tights", from the Mel Brooks documentary of the same name.

Oups, almost got on the wrong train.

It would have been correct for regular tourists, but sorry mario, my hotel is in a different castle

I have gotten lots of sun, and lots of air. Coastal air, which is even better. Some days, I miss living close to the ocean.


@phessler Nothing quite like the breeze off the water.

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