@killyourfm I'm listening to your netcast Choose Linux right now and you talk about you missing the Play Store.

I would like to suggest Yalp Store as a good compromise for a GApps free device. It let's you install applications from Play Store without the Play Store. i
It's available on F-Droid as well.



@hund @killyourfm The fediverse has been so useful for tips like this.

@sullybiker @killyourfm Thank you! I'm glad to hear you enjoy the fediverse. It's a great place to be at! :)

@hund @sullybiker seriously though. I have about 15,500 less followers on here than Twitter. But the knowledge has been on point and CONSTANT so far! What a wonderful place.

@killyourfm @sullybiker That's great to hear! :D I feel the same way. You can ask /anything/ here and you will get 9999 replies from all kinds of people in minutes.

And for some reason people keep following me and liking my statuses here. When I had Twitter I had like 20 followers and maybe one person every 50 post or so "liked" it. Not that I'm doing anything for the "likes", but it's fun when people appreciate what you have to share. :)

@hund @sullybiker i do love my Twitter experience, but in many ways this feels more like a community. That's not to dismiss the awesome community I have there.

I think what I'm saying is that sometimes it feels more conversational and more thoughtful here? In my very limited experience.

@killyourfm @sullybiker I can only agree about the community feeling here. It feels like the good old Internet back in the 90s and early 00s.

If you even say 00s? I'm not even sure what we say in Sweden.

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