Valentino Rossi has finally retired. What a career, on and off the bike a fascinating person.

I don't know what Ubuntu changed in input handling with 20.04 but it's annoying and I've had to unplug and reconnect USB devices on a couple of machines now because its shit the bed for no obvious reason.

In the meantime, put some food in the vending machines, you bastards.

I am back in my office. For how long? The delta variant is probably going to shut us down again.

I get the high school outreach target of the project, but given that antivaxxers are paranoid about shills being everywhere *already* is this a good idea?

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I just found out about the difficulties that #PrivacyTools is currently experiencing. It sounds like they may have to eventually shutdown their Mastodon instance (as well as PeerTube and Matrix), which is not great for their users. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of options. Whether they're going to fire those back up under a new domain is still under discussion. I hope their users can migrate off to some other instance, and of course they're welcome here.

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I'm a little sad that skateboarding and snowboarding were the sports from the 90s they added to the Olympics instead of whatever sport the guys in Jackass were doing.

There's a good chance the needle stick from my 2nd vaccine might have damaged my bicep. I have to have physiotherapy which apparently has a good outcome in such cases. I have a fairly serious loss of mobility in my left arm.

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Just read a post asking Eugen to resign from developing Mastodon and I really have to ask: what are you folks smoking?

It’s his project. It’s open source. Fork it if you want to. But what kind of mind-blowing sense of entitlement drives you to think you can tell someone they should stop working on something they’ve built?


"Dear admin, I need root access to execute some programs" lol no you fucking don't you donut

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when we were young and we all used the family computer my sisters used to piss about with autocorrect on ms word and one of them made "bee" correct to "big beefy bumbly rumbler" and the other submitted homework with that on it without realising

An interesting thing after updating a five yr old server to. a newer OS release: 250mb is no longer enough for /boot. It'll be okay for the initial install, but the second you get an additional kernel update it'll fail.

Just found out my boss died this morning. That's a new and awful experience.

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>bake a pizza
>forgot i dont own a pizza cutter

why do people even read my posts

15yrs ago today, end of a hectic week's holiday with my younger sister before heading back to England. I had no idea I'd be in the US permanently just five years later.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say 'no he didn't.'

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