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A must read. I keep thinking of those keyboard warriors who thought it would be easy. Straight in and straight out. Well, it wasn’t.

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fucking love this brave new world where my vacuum cleaner cleans for me, but also sends me a text message whenever it falls down the stairs or chokes on a sock

Why is birdsite going nuts about YouTube? Can anybody fill me in?

Got to test drive Paw Patrol bubblebath. Not bad, would relax in again.

If you don't at least laugh at the gunshot you're not human

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Furthermore, as an ex-sotonian I loved the line about the train station.

You can't just lob 5.56 around like that, it will go straight through vehicles. Absolute madness.

Absolutely astonishing scenes in Florida as police apprehending.a hijacked UPS truck seem to think they're in Baghdad.

I can only describe the footage I saw as a shooting frenzy, using people's stopped cars for cover. They killed a bystander and the hostage truck driver. Fucking clowns.

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Sometimes immunotherapy doesn't change my life at all, sometimes it's pretty brutal. This week has been the latter. Headaches, extreme fatigue, the lot.

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i keep wanting to like other people's favs of my post. but i'm glad that's not a feature, it would just be a downward spiral of politely clicking the heart button back and forth, like when you and the cashier get in a loop of thanking each other and you don't know how it started or how to get out so you just say all right and grab your bag and scurry away

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