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A tour of CNPP's dormant #2 Reactor Hall. This is an RBMK-1000, a near identical installation to its infamous younger sister at the opposite end of the complex.

In no way should this have made me laugh as loudly as it did.


Yesterday evening near midnight I took the dog out and there was this warm feeling witb a cool damp part on the back of your throat. Proper summer stuff. Lovely.

This is a real shame. A great team, great riders. They come and go. Hopefully they will be back.

Finally back to normal, and back to work.

I'm on the couch trying to work as the dog naps next to me, slowly asphyxiating me with its killer farts

I have not been unwell since the rona in 2020

I was a bit delirious and dreaming in French, a language I haven't spoken in 40 yrs.

Sick as a dog today. Vomiting all fucking night. Dammit!

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