I had one of those weird running late dreams but it was unlike all the others, I had to make an interview for a Fashion magazine in London and kept getting lost and delayed. It was also raining. So strange.

I think the thing I enjoyed the most about Better Call Saul was how it avoided the trap of prequels; It did not couple itself too tightly to breaking bad and became compelling in its own characters and story. The finale was great and touched on the things that really mattered to the story, namely Jimmy and Kim.

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The MMC device clocks in at roughly the same throughput as a mechanical spinner; fine really. I'll probably do the NVME upgrade, it's easy enough.

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I also love the fact the power adapter isn't the size of a car

Manjaro is weird though. Manjaro is to Arch what Ubuntu is to Debian. I do like the KDE touches, it looks very good.

Treated myself to a Pinebook Pro. Strange to think it was in Hong Kong just a week ago, and now here it is on my lap. It's very nice. I'm pleasantly surprised.

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There's now a program created by blind people to view Wikipedia from the desktop. I mean y'all see all these projects, like this and the NVDA addons community? They *could* be making stuff for Linux. Instead, they're making stuff for Windows because they practically don't have a choice. #a11y


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Do #blender resources and tutorials even exist that are articles, rather than YouTube videos? I have considerable difficulty absorbing information from the latter.

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My fedi timeline is basically a spectrum between people who eat and breathe computers and people who do nothing but ride bikes and garden and I am trying to live my life in the dead middle

The sailing model is intuitive and easy to get to grips with, and it behaves much like a real boat. You can even get it to rock by moving from one side to the other.

Best of all it's totally seamless being on and off the boat, no invisible walls (you can, and will, fall off the fucking thing in the middle of the night)

I've been on a bit of a sailing game vibe recently, and discovered Sailwind. It's in Early Access, and it's a beautiful little time sink.

Someone said it's Ship of Thieves without the piracy battle stuff but that's a bit unfair, there's shitloads to it.

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Amazon buys Roomba

Roomba maps your home and shares it with pentagon

Ring shares video with cops

Alexa listens to you and...


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