This is wild. So wild I don't believe it. That last section, the erasure of recent films. I just can't see Disney doing this.

Apparently we're at the onset of a massive shipping crisis. Container capacity in the Far East is maxed out, and there's a queue of ships off Long Beach that can't offload.

'Hi I'm Bryan and I'm here to talk about Linux. You can find me at Myspace, the only good social network on the internet. Also my videos are in 280p so they'll play on everything and you can see them at Dailymotion, the best video site"

Lunduke's crap reminds me of the importance of the Gell-mann Amnesia effect, wherein you realise a lot of reporting and talking heads are full of shit:

His whole schtick is to dismiss the fediverse because it doesn't work precisely the way he demands. That's a very limiting world view. And this from an advocate of Linux! Imagine!

Lunduke's flounce is weird and disappointing, if only because nearly all of his complaints are massive exaggerations.

If he wants to make money over at locals that's fair enough, but don't shit all over a project that works well for the vast majority of users.

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This just in: Local( man physically unable to use mute or block tools on the fediverse from his gimped librem instance makes the worst fedi take ever.
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There's a minimalism documentary on Netflix. In the spirit of minimalism, I decided watching the first 5 minutes was sufficient and turned it off

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> Read this and you will be able to understand things that escape the kind of journalists who write junk articles like "hospitals are running out of vaccines and nobody knows why because the states have a lot of unused vaccines" (see current NYT front page)

> hospitals are getting Phizer vaccine, which is shipped direct from factory, just in time, and sometimes there is a production glitch so expected amount is not available

> the state allocation is mostly Moderna, which is being distributed thru a bunch of companies that all have their own issues

Started watching Wanderlust on Netflix. Didn't think it would be my speed at all but I'm really enjoying it.

Sepultura's Eloy Casagrande cover's Metallica's 'Battery'. His double bass fills are 👍

2nd asymptomatic test done at work. Every week now.

46 was sworn in today, but Twitter still can't get beyond talking about Trump.

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This time Travis finds a giant space creature but actually is the reason why we cry.

The sheer number of entries to the F2B database caused me another problem: They grew big really, really fast.

Got a fairly aggressive fail2ban config on this box but it looks like the botnet is almost every fucking host on the ISP so they just keep rotating.

I should probably not be surprised but the vast majority of brute force connx to my mail server actually comes from 2 ISPs. That's quite unlike my experience with SSH brute force which i guess is more widespread.

One is a Yandex subsidiary in London, the other is Turkish. I really dislke whole subnet blocks but in this case I can live with it.

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