Really nice of Comcast to update my firmware and rip out all my config settings with no warning whatsoever.

Now the whole thing needs to be managed by their awful IoT page, which is complete shit.

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At @igeljaeger 's request, we will be watching Pulp Fiction (1994) on Saturday, April 4, at 5:30pm US Mountain Time (UTC-06:00). Then we'll rewatch it the next day if chat wants it, or I can play another movie. The chat will decide. Eurobros, BE THERE! #SPCmovienight

This trend of markup for config files is not something I am keen on.

Just had my first run-in with Netplan/YAML on Ubuntu Server. It's not like Linux didn't have enough ways to configure interfaces...

I love my job, but Jesus do some users test my patience.

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any horoscope that currently says anything other than "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH" is inaccurate

Covid hasn't slowed the LinkedIn recruiter spam.

Off antibiotics so I am going to enjoy my first beer since about 3 weeks. 🍯

I've been pretty sick for the last week. Thought I had Covid but Doc was smart and reckoned I had a cold and infection. It's complex as I am also getting cancer treatment.

Some strong antibiotics have really sorted me out, at the slight cost of upsetting my stomach.

I never want fever like that again.

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It Is very dreary when Bluetooth shits itself on both Mac and Windows it causes the entire desktop to malfunction. Losing connection to a device seems to trigger it.

I am not a violent man, but I think hoarders/panic buyers deserve a special place in hell.

My wife witnessed Target staff shut down some old guy that was attempting to buy the entire inventory of bottled water. I"m sure they have this fight every day. Retail workers are heroes.

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