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I've run a big text adventure for thirteen years (at one point briefly it was the biggest text adventure!) and if there's one thing I've about managing a big online community in that time that I'd choose to pass on as a warning to others, it's this: remove the people who don't like being there.

Some folks just don't like the place, or they liked it once and they don't anymore, and that's fine.

You'd think they'd just go somewhere else, and most do, but some don't, and those folks are AWFUL.

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A moth living in your fridge and your husband is like "that's not my moth."

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Here's the scoop: They were already privately owned. The story here is of a change of ownership, *not* acquisition of public health infrastructure by a private business.

Anatomy of typical social media misinformation, this time it's Twitter.

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I would appreciate it if people stopped teaching my mother about internet culture

She told me to git gud when I was dying constantly in Alien Isolation
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My new favourite Youtube comment. So exciting to think I helped someone get excited about coding.

A featurette on the miniature team behind 1981's Outland: youtube.com/watch?v=aephFGijtZ

One of these lads also did 2009's Moon.

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The meme says that Mars is the planet with the highest ratio of Linux devices with working audio and that's a funny joke, but here's the Actually Patrol:

Perseverance, the rover, has a microphone and runs VxWorks.
Ingenuity, the helicopter, runs Linux.
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Context: Twitter more recently launched a Twitter Arabs account. And it's auto-blocking people, especially those who post messages like "LGBTQ+ rights". Because of that, speed-running getting blocked by them has become a meme.
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@TechUr Never made it to the Hive before when I played, so that's all new to me.

First 2 paragraphs and a block quote saying exactly the same thing. Tech journalism is terrible.


All this reminds me why I grew out of minimalist distros.

So because of the absolute state of the decision makers at Arch, I had to go into a liveusb environment to do it.

I found this out because I wanted to read the nmcli documentation. I couldn't connect to my wifi to download Man-db because I couldn't read the fucking manpage that tells you how to do it.

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