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Space is tight and I don't know if I can get a mini fan in there.

Heat is an issue with the Hotshot. The electronics bay is fully enclosed which back in the mechanical speed control days with external resistors wasn't an issue, but now the electronic controllers need some cooling and the only vents are either end of the box where the driveshaft passes through. I may drill some holes in it.

My re-release Tamiya Hotshot is a lot of fun but it's turning into a bit of a workshop queen. Already had to replace a bumper stay because of some tree encounters (my fault) and now the speed controller has failed with what I learn is a common fault.

The much cheaper Grasshopper which my 8yr old adores just doesn't give a shit and is apparently indestructible.

The weird power of sound and music, even the Windows 98 startup sound.

A compromised private bitcoin wallet key...

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"I don't think this server is working properly"

System load average is currently sitting at about 750. That's not a typo.

User mailing me on a weekend that he can't access his server after doing some 'experimenting' yeah tough fucking shit, mate.

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I'm angry at my absentmindedness. It's nobody's fault but mine, but I'm sure anyone with kids and stuff in both hands can relate to the dangers of near total distraction.

I was just figuring out how to get a loss claim started when there was a knock on the door. A kindly Indian gentleman returned my phone and said I'd left it on the bench. I didn't get into the why's and wherefores of it being turned off (the phone warned an unauthorized reset had been attempted) but I'm glad I got it back. I assumed it was a goner.

I went through google's recovery wizard (leaving a screen message etc) and noted that the phone had been turned off. Not good. So I requested a remote erase.

Making note of this error before, I went again today to play with one of the cars with the boys. And I did exactly the same fucking thing again.

This time it wasn't there when I returned.

I realized my mistake the moment I got through the door, and ran straight back. It was where I left it.

A couple of days ago I took the kids to the tennis court to poodle around with one of the RC cars. I took my phone out of my back pocket (so as to not damage it when I sat down) and left it on the bench.

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