Where I lived 38yrs ago. All gone now. The whole area is extensively developed.

It is bastard cold out there. I am not enjoying this polar winter preview.

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At the model railway museum, Western PA has changed a lot in the last 70 years.

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Do you want to help people find up-to-date information about apps that respect their #SoftwareFreedom? The #FSD (Free Software Directory) is a project hosted by the #FSF that aims to do just that:

There is a constant need more volunteers to help add entries for software that's not listed yet ,and update the information for existing entries. I'm sure suggestions for how to automate aspects of the update process for new versions etc would be welcome too.

Had some good news at my last oncology scan. There's some post-operative fluid collection, but I otherwise appear to be clear. I have to continue immunotherapy through to Spring

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“Siri, Ok Google, Please delete all my emails.” PacSec 2019 Church of Hacking Day 2: Bin Zhao demonstrating CommanderSong, YouTube song videos that embed hidden commands your phone voice recognition will recognize with 100% success rate that are effectively inaudible to humans

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It's always the same with a week off. The first couple of days feel like they are dragging. then suddenly you're at the final day. Time is a strange beast.

Just had family for a week. Kind of bummed they've gone.

My kid is addicted to those cartoon pandas on baby bus. Kiki and Miu Miu.

I can no longer hear Duran Duran's 'Ordinary World' without thinking of Morty and Freddy in Layer Cake.

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