The crypto get-rich-quick schemes have started a lot of advertising this last month. One born every minute I guess.

@claudiom @fikran @stsp Yes, it is a matter of aptitude. I see it all (work at a university) and I can tell you some very smart people don't do computers well at all. It's all about experience and personal interest.

Work is having a 'booster event' on a couple of days this month. Hopefully I can get my vax booster, as opposed to being sent into space.

This is a testament to the Whimsy of marketing people being siloed from operations, because they ask to do totally silly things like a bunch of redirects that make no bloody sense.

Someone has left a comment in this htaccess file that says "I am probably going to regret this". The file has 60 lines; I am already regretting reading it.

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I just found out about ! They are a OpenBSD VPS provider, and they donate 10% to OpenBSD. They are approaching donating $1000/month to OpenBSD. If you are looking for a VPS, and you like OpenBSD, then you might try them out! I think I am going to try to use it as cheap VPN. #vpn #openbsd

'Wanting it easy' is what got us into this fucking mess

No, it is not. The world is full of people that don't know the tool, refuse to learn the tool, and blame the tool for those shortcomings. .

I remember watching the air conditioning condenser fans chewing up big blocks of snow in a shower of flakes when it started melting on top of the fan casing.

Throwback to December 2010 in Southampton; a place that very seldom saw much snow (Geography tended to spare it from all but a dusting) but that year it got caked in it. I took this as I was called into work at 10am as I was the only person that lived locally, FML

"I'm the 5th richest man in the world and I want a hotel called The Tits"

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math poll 3/n 

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math poll 2/n 

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math poll 1/n 

The problem is you get one thing working for them when they've fucked up something obvious, then they bring every little thing because they don't care about minutae they just want their thing to work with no effort on their part. Tough fucking shit, it's the same for all of us.

Our job is basically security and maintenance, fix your own fucking app

The same researcher that Chmod'd / to 777 now wants help getting his LEMP stack working.

FFS get a DBA, how many times does this shit happen, I know about as much as they do about why their fucking database doesn't work.

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