All this reminds me why I grew out of minimalist distros.

So because of the absolute state of the decision makers at Arch, I had to go into a liveusb environment to do it.

I found this out because I wanted to read the nmcli documentation. I couldn't connect to my wifi to download Man-db because I couldn't read the fucking manpage that tells you how to do it.

I get Arch's whole minimalist thing, I really do. But not even providing man-db in Base? C'mon people. That's just absurd.

@techUr great stream. I love Alien Isolation even if it terrifies me. You should have seen my front room when the alien glitched through the floor!

"People said the iceberg had spikes. I think it might have been Godzilla!"


"How do you know, you weren't there"


My son has become obsessed with The Titanic and Godzilla, and inevitably has started to theorize these two things are connected, because people might mistake an iceberg for a Kaiju....

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@sullybiker There's also a Gritney Spears but it wasn't out that day

I'm sure we've all seen the Scottish snow truck's GPS tags, but here it is for those that haven't...

Lol Twitch overdubbed Metallica's set at Blizzcon for fear of DMCA action.

The internet really is fucked.

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the abbreviation A.D. stands for "Anno Domino's" but if you look back in history you will find that the year 0 A.D. was actually about the time when Little Caesar's was started...

What in God's name is going on at Twitch. I don't understand young people.

Let's hope Reuters aren't hosted on AWS.

Bezos as the Mandarin is perfect juxtaposition on this Reuters piece.

It's been a week for big tech. Will anything happen? Don't hold your breath.

Reminds me a lot of tobacco in motorsports. They're not advertising to get people to smoke cigarettes! Definitely not. What a terrible idea.

What strikes me about the 🇦🇺 Facebook dispute is how much of a middle-man big Social is. They claim they get nothing from news, but they made news about $270mil USD last year.

They all play this game "Not our content" they say. Then why do they do it? The idea of tech companies existing on pure altruism is absolutely hilarious.

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