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M87 is a large elliptical galaxy in Virgo. One of the largest galaxies near our own Galaxy (~53 Mly away) M87 is home to a supermassive black hole that was recently imaged in the radio spectrum. Close examination of the attached image shows a jet of material from the SMBH. #astrophoto

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With a decent pair of headphones this took me right back, and I mean *right back* to countless trips to London a decade ago.

@gayalien And apologies for what is probably the worst analogy ever

@gayalien Fediverse doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, for the most part, I mean there really is something for everyone.

As soon as you start getting into post ranking and timeline curation bad things happen. It's like a toilet bowl where only bad things float on top, but because people can't stop looking nobody flushes it. 🚽

@gayalien I think Reddit and Birdsite are emblematic of the worst of the internet. I really do. At least Instagram is unapologetically vapid.

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Me, putting on a bike helmet and loading myself into a cannon: this will solve my problems

Cannon: *fires*

Me: ok my problems are different now

@wzqtparor @sciss I'm not, for instance, entirely convinced that some of Firefox's problems were not simply Chrome's team screwing about with things to squeeze out more performance, especially as they're not working to any particular guidelines. The YouTube switch was definitely fishy though - I think everybody could see that.

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