Valentino Rossi has finally retired. What a career, on and off the bike a fascinating person.

@robey That looks like the back page of a Sam's book

I don't know what Ubuntu changed in input handling with 20.04 but it's annoying and I've had to unplug and reconnect USB devices on a couple of machines now because its shit the bed for no obvious reason.

In the meantime, put some food in the vending machines, you bastards.

I am back in my office. For how long? The delta variant is probably going to shut us down again.

@checkervest you're having a good 24hrs. It'll be better soon enough.

@TheRealPomax@mastodon.soci"I was all about the ethics, then Jeff offered me a ride on his rocket. Too late I realized he didn't mean blue origin, that crafty old dog"

@alex This reminds me a little bit of the video screens in HL2/source, they were implemented as a hidden room on the map. So weird the little tricks devs have to come up with to make visuals work.

I get the high school outreach target of the project, but given that antivaxxers are paranoid about shills being everywhere *already* is this a good idea?

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I just found out about the difficulties that #PrivacyTools is currently experiencing. It sounds like they may have to eventually shutdown their Mastodon instance (as well as PeerTube and Matrix), which is not great for their users. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of options. Whether they're going to fire those back up under a new domain is still under discussion. I hope their users can migrate off to some other instance, and of course they're welcome here.

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@nyquildotorg I remember Ridley Scott said to David Fincher of Alien 3 regarding studio worries that he could shoot someone pissing up a wall and it would still make money. It's all that matters to the studio.

@nyquildotorg They likely had data - the networks love data - that showed that the show is doing and so decided to wave a load of dosh at the showrunner.

@sunspot @alex @issdeinschnitzel I just don't think. this is right at all. It's *nothing* like Twitter.

Is it possible you are self-selecting your communities and so creating the same experience wherever you go?

@nyquildotorg The messaging around Covid at the moment is such a mess.

@encarsia Did you ride almost 200k? You legend 😩

@alex "I have appeased these crocodiles for so long and now they're trying to eat me. halp"

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