@PeteMoss @polychrome They must talk to master because master needs to feed.

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the existence of adhd also implies the existence of ad4k

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Oh Thank God

Ansible emphasizes inclusive language in new release | Opensource.com

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Great white shark annual conference: alright guys i know we discussed humans in our last meeting but i must reiterate, humans are NOT seals, are not delicious, and it is not okay to "take a bite just to check". We're getting a lot of complaints about this

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Fuck Proprietary Skills

People don't learn how to program, but learn how to S3 or EC2, people don't learn how to illustrate but how to Photoshop, or how to C4D. "Oh, I couldn't possibly make music without Ableton.." This is sad.

@tindall I have a 1050ti which uses the PCI slot for power (no molex) and it sits in a 2012 I7. Runs everything.

@tindall I think it's deeply entrenched in a lot of new age thinking, which is fairly well represented in environmentalism.

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Man the rust compiler is really idiot friendly

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