@nyquildotorg I was sad he didn't get a cameo in Jersey Shore Shark Attack.

Really nice of Comcast to update my firmware and rip out all my config settings with no warning whatsoever.

Now the whole thing needs to be managed by their awful IoT page, which is complete shit.

@lnxw48a1 all those conf.d includes are another Linux ism

@lnxw48a1 oh that's a horror. A lot of time with web devs that get totally lost in it.

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At @igeljaeger 's request, we will be watching Pulp Fiction (1994) on Saturday, April 4, at 5:30pm US Mountain Time (UTC-06:00). Then we'll rewatch it the next day if chat wants it, or I can play another movie. The chat will decide. Eurobros, BE THERE! #SPCmovienight


This trend of markup for config files is not something I am keen on.

Just had my first run-in with Netplan/YAML on Ubuntu Server. It's not like Linux didn't have enough ways to configure interfaces...

I love my job, but Jesus do some users test my patience.

@NatashaRomanova @PittsburghFan For sure. I don't know anyone that's worked retail that is nostalgic for it. Relentlessly tough.

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any horoscope that currently says anything other than "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH" is inaccurate

@Galdrakinn Big thunderstorm here. Dark as night for about a half hour.

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