@clacke @nytpu I think it's a mistake. The localised man pages require it, but not the English language ones. That seems broken to me.

@clacke @nytpu When you go for a full caffeine DE that seems remiss to me.

@clacke @nytpu Nope. You can check the depends for man-db. Only a small number of packages pull it down.

@clacke @nytpu I'm willing to accept I am not as patient as I used to be, but the BSDs and Slackware have spoilt me a little bit.

@clacke @nytpu It switched from a comprehensive guide to a slimmed down skeletal tree, preferring to hand off to the relevant wki sections. This is logical, but those pages are not always written with learning in mind.

@clacke @nytpu They used to be very thorough in their docs but the install guide has got very loose.

@clacke @nytpu They do provide container images where that would be appropriate.

@clacke @nytpu Yeah, I get that, but it's actually a bit of a gotcha. At least Gentoo cover this sort of thing in their docs.

@nytpu Correction manpages are there but no tool to read them lmao

@nytpu In fairness the docs do say you may need other packages, but no manpages? No dhcp client? GIve me a fucking break.

@nytpu I'm glad it's not just me. I'm helping someone whom I recommended it to and I'm having 2nd thoughts. A lot of this is just silly.

All this reminds me why I grew out of minimalist distros.

So because of the absolute state of the decision makers at Arch, I had to go into a liveusb environment to do it.

I found this out because I wanted to read the nmcli documentation. I couldn't connect to my wifi to download Man-db because I couldn't read the fucking manpage that tells you how to do it.

I get Arch's whole minimalist thing, I really do. But not even providing man-db in Base? C'mon people. That's just absurd.

@TouchBalls69 It's the culture of really terrible dunking getting enabled. Why would she think it's a good idea? Wait till the TRA's find her and drag her for not being inclusive.

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