@Freezer You've not lost any sharpness by the look of it. I had a Canon 1.4 that I used with a 70-200 and it was pretty decent at the long end (where I really needed it).

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@srinicame It's a much more serious film than all the others. Much more in the tradition of Cimino's Deer Hunter. Also a really good study of Rural America.

@Dayglochainsaw Jesusthey look terrifying in the way a 30s thing can.

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A tour of CNPP's dormant #2 Reactor Hall. This is an RBMK-1000, a near identical installation to its infamous younger sister at the opposite end of the complex.

In no way should this have made me laugh as loudly as it did.


Yesterday evening near midnight I took the dog out and there was this warm feeling witb a cool damp part on the back of your throat. Proper summer stuff. Lovely.

@nytpu Sometimes I would see this on Gentoo and my learned approach was basically 'wait'.

@nytpu Hopefully it'll be patched or updated and you can have it all running again.

@_astronoMay This is enabled by prefixing the desired technology with the word 'space' thereby making anything possible

@_astronoMay That's not real life, it's magic space stuff



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