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To kill a French vampire, you need to drive a baguette through their heart. That might sound easy, but I assure you, it's painstaking.

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Are people born with a photographic memory?

Or do they develop it?

I remember being up at the customary 3am Sunday morning to watch it live, having the VCR running just in case...

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One of those weird things about aging, watching and the commentary talking about Albert Park being around since 1996 in the same tone people at that time talked about the 60s and 70s is..a mood. It doesn't feel long ago to me.

@craigmaloney It's not uncommon mate, don't be hard on yourself.

@djsumdog @Flick @HebrideanHecate It's an old joke about asking someone if they're a Freemason

@djsumdog @Flick @HebrideanHecate Sorry I meant to ask "are you not on the square?" etc etc

@Flick @HebrideanHecate Sam Harris has tackled 'the JKR thing' and it's a pretty good listen. Had my differences with Harris recently but I remain fairly open minded, this is a good chunk of it samharris.org/podcasts/making-

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Left field question, at least for me

Anyone have men’s skincare advice? I’d like to take better care of my skin and face, but I’m wary of the numerous products and ingredients, such as sunscreens. Are there more traditional treatments I should seek out?

@nytpu I remember seeing the new ones around 1987 in England

@vriska You would, Rod Stewart tells me, have more fun

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@arstechnica @adminkirsty Big banner about this on the Crowdstrike dash this morning. We're not a customer, so that particular headache avoided. Curious to learn how they got the adulterated package signed, although it made me think of CVE-2013-3900 which is not remediated by default on Windows

@justizin A few years back I used to use Slackware's config and suddenly the number of options after makeoldconfig (I think??) rocketed upwards so much I just chose the option to accept all defaults

@justizin I remember when Gentoo started providing binaries for things like Firefox and Chromium because people were just *over it*

@justizin I dread to think about a build now with a P166. It would be all night!

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