@polychrome And the characteristics of most outdoor touchscreens is you don't need to be that badly impaired to not be able to see them.

@polychrome Also absolutely shite if you're visually impaired.

Sure Greta Van Fleet sound, er, a bit familiar to anyone that has heard like, one Led Zep record but they're fun and new, and anything new in rock is good at the moment. 🥁 🎸

I've been really enjoying Riki Rachtman's reminiscing about the 80s Sunset Strip scene. I have also realised who GTA's Lazlow was modelled on.

I miss knowing what people were playing on Winamp

@vertigo More than anything else in my profession, I hate databases. When they fall over it is invariably a massive ball ache.

Just as app developers lose the legal defence of complexity when they restrict instances, so now AWS can now be compelled to remove subscribers as long as the pretext is satisfied. This is not necessarily good, as it only requires manipulation of the pretext.

I know people are pleased about AWS binning Gab but I am somewhat alarmed at the precedent.

Been down a bit of a live Ozzy YouTube rabbit hole. Holy hell Zakk Wylde and Geezer Butler were pretty amazing. Ozzy half cut, as usual...


@alx Exactly! It's an odd place. Full of contradictions.

Some of the people are also very good at mimicking sincerity too. It's quite odd. You'll have what appears to be a fully engaged conversation but the next day they'll barely remember you. It is unsettling at first.

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"Twitter has disclosed more bugs related to how it uses personal data for ad targeting that means it may have shared users data with advertising partners even when a user had expressly told it not to."

im shocked. absolutely shocked I tell you. completely, truthfully-

@electricsand I am sure this is about the nth variant of this kind of story I've read on the subject of social networks exposing users either by accident or design.

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