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A must read. I keep thinking of those keyboard warriors who thought it would be easy. Straight in and straight out. Well, it wasn’t.

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fucking love this brave new world where my vacuum cleaner cleans for me, but also sends me a text message whenever it falls down the stairs or chokes on a sock

@ella_kane @wearenameless I think it would look kitschy as fuck now, but it's good fun. A Blade Runner cash-in that was pretty decent.

@lnxw48a1 There was a tag and I couldn't get any sense of what the hell was going on.

twitter is great for hundreds of tweets on the same subject without actually illuminating anything.

@ella_kane @wearenameless I loved a lot of those lower-end 80s flicks, they often punched above their weight. I think my favourite was Trancers.

@pertho I strongly suspect photoshop, unless a publican is particularly handy and doesn't mind the brewery going off on them.

Why is birdsite going nuts about YouTube? Can anybody fill me in?

Got to test drive Paw Patrol bubblebath. Not bad, would relax in again.

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