@rysiek It's not just your experience. This is very common.

I've had this cold since Friday morning, and it's absolutely kicking the shit out of me.

@SarcasmKid Get well soon. Chorizo is Rich and spicy enough to upset your stomach pretty easily.

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HALP! I need a good alternative to Google Docs. Bonus points if it plays well with NextCloud.

@ella_kane There's a whole world of BR knock-offs from the 80s that are worth a look too. Trancers is probably the best known, and most decent. Excellent 80s cheese.

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@angristan I found setting up a build server with Poudriere and using it as a pkg repo made things particularly nice to use, especially as you could have Poudriere configure the packages how you wanted them.

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Downtown LA around 0430hrs when I couldn't sleep from jet lag, and a building fire alarm had been going all night across the street.
EOS 6D, 24-135 IS lens.


If anybody that enjoys Blade Runner hasn't seen the documentary 'Dangerous Days' I can strongly recommend it. It's a great companion to the film and you can see how special the project was to everybody involved.

@rick_777 @graydon I did enjoy 2049's attempt to make Wallace a little bit more reounded in this respect, i.e. the biotechnology and sustainability/visionary stuff. It's the shame the character wasn't quite as compelling as Tyrell.

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