@fikran @stsp @claudiom It didn't help that after Vista, MS reduced the warning level of UAC down to a simple click, rather than a password because it was annoying. The password is a very good prompt you're doing something significant, though.

@fikran @stsp @claudiom ...as nobody has every trained them in the ethos of superuser commands. It's like using a chainsaw to prune a rose bush.

@fikran @stsp @claudiom Some of the help sites form part of the issue, In that they encourage what I call administration-via-copypasta. For example the liberal use of sudo, to the extent the user does not understand in this context it's basically 'do this as root' and thus they do not understand the risk level.

@lain "Like, you work in a shop. Get over it."

@lain I hope the German staff aren't as snooty as the Whole Foods workers.

@vriska him and his brother are some sort of genetic experiment I am sure of it. He is like a 50s time traveler.

@fikran @stsp @claudiom The problems start when you want to do something that's not prototypical, say a bleeding-edge GPU driver. There's no way around the fact that means drilling deep into some critical parts of the OS stack, and with that comes the risk. Every piece of software along that line has to work, and this has to be multipllied by all the variations in configuration.

The crypto get-rich-quick schemes have started a lot of advertising this last month. One born every minute I guess.

@SuperDicq Apple used to be the best at this stuff too.

@claudiom @stsp @fikran I've seen this on a few things, I don't think it's ever been fixed.

@claudiom @fikran @stsp Someone once asked me to look at their R Code and why their regression wasn't working and I had to remind them they had forgotten what I know about both mathematics and R.

@claudiom @fikran @stsp It's quite funny to walk into a professor's offfice, see a blackboard brimming with horrendous looking equations and him ask why his plug'n'play printer won't 'plug'n'play' (because he didn't have a dongle)...

@claudiom @fikran @stsp Yes, it is a matter of aptitude. I see it all (work at a university) and I can tell you some very smart people don't do computers well at all. It's all about experience and personal interest.

@fikran @stsp @claudiom I am not keen on the philosophy that the CLI is inherently arcane or difficult; it is merely something to be learned. Anyone can do it, even me!

@fikran @stsp @claudiom As a slight tangent, MS took this philosophy for years, trying to diminish the CLI as much as possible, until finally realising it's not a terrible thing and going the other direction with Server Core and Powershell, both of which were very positive steps.

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