The school of art, 1yr ago today. It's that time of year when I'm really getting quite sick of the snow, as pretty as it is.

It's pissing down with rain today.

Weather is crazy at the moment. 11F and snow last Friday. Now it's bearable with a t-shirt.

Took me 2.5hrs to get to work in that snow.

A little snowfall last night, very much on the lower range of the forecast. Banged up my knee badly last weekend and I've been putting about 15mins walking a day to help it along.

It's cold.

NYC, July 2006 in Times Square. I wanted to get the hectic lights and energy of the place with a slow shutter speed and a cab speeding past.
EOS 300D, Efs 18-55.

Giewont, Tatra mountains, Poland 2009. A rare sunny day. It was still extraordinarily cold compared to what I'd been used to.
EOS 20D, SIgma 20-40 F2.8. 🇵🇱

December 20th, 2009. Waiting for the bus to the Tatra mountains at 0630 in the morning, in -20C / -4F. It's overexposed by about one stop, it was darker in reality. 🇵🇱

Wawel Castle, December 2009. I think it was my birthday. It was very cold - well below zero - and this low brick wall was the only place I could rest my camera.
EOS 20D, Sigma 20-40 F2.8.

Dąbrowa Górnicza, 🇵🇱 , August 2009.

Canon EOS 20D, EOS 50mm 1.8.
Processed in Darktable.

Spinnaker Tower and Portsmouth Harbour, March 2009.

EOS 20D. 18-55 efs (kit lens) & polariser. Processed in Darktable.

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