A neighbor's elderly Crown Vic. He's from California and collects these.

This might be a cultural thing but I have major beef with the American habit of scheduling meetings during lunch. It's fucking rude.

Took the dog out at sunnset for his walk. The air was slightly damp, the temperature perfect. The Cicadas were singing, people were out on their porches. I could not help but feel melancholy that in a few weeks I'll need a fleece, then a heavy coat and scarf.

The start of a 20hr journey home back on Wednesday. It was still very dark at 0630am in Malaga. This TAP Embraer 195 would take us to Lisbon, where we would catch a 787-10 to Newark, then finally an Embraer 170 to Pittsburgh.

The last of the V8 interceptors finally ran out of guzzoline and was claimed by the rodent overlord

Presa De Beznar. Made me dizzy looking down, I had to step away. Canon EOS 6D, Sigma 20-40 EX DG 2.8

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