One of other agencies has a contractor that developed a site for them. We’re doing some first level support for certain users of the site, and the contractor has subcontracted 2nd and 3rd tier support.

I finally got to talk to the subcontractor’s local boss. He said “We’re just here to help you guys become self-sufficient.” If that’s what they told him, he and his organization are going to be disappointed. Our folks are pretty skilled and very adaptable, but $EMPLOYER policy forbids us from holding administrator rights on another agency’s systems.
The guy seemed sort of prideful, exuding “we know what we’re doing and you don’t”.

Well, there’s a reason your organization has a poor reputation. It isn’t because your people are skilled and do good work; it is because they don’t do good work.

@lnxw48a1 I have not had a good experience with contractors on IT projects. Not one.

@lnxw48a1 ..And I should say I don't think it's their fault. They're often working to a fatally loose brief, have too much design freedom and end up frustrated when they run into organisational and infrastructure walls.

@sullybiker Yes, and government agencies have more walls than other orgs.
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