London Heathrow, Terminal 3 departures. I stopped outside for a smoke, put the camera on the ground and pressed the shutter button.


Toronto's Pearson International, on the way to Pittsburgh, a short hop over Lake Erie, on a little DHC-8-100 bug smasher.

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@SeventhMagpie Thank you, Alex. I just looked up and thought it looked interesting, that long curving window line. Airports often have interesting structures. The newer ones, at least.

@sullybiker Very often, yes. But not all, unfortunately. Sheremetyevo Terminal B, for example, is awful. :)

I'm waiting for the Novosibirsk airport to finish its renovation. The new terminal on rendered images looks beautiful.

I love airports. If you have more photos, bring them on. :)

@SeventhMagpie Sheremetyevo I think is the same generation as LHR and Gatwick, they're just concrete boxes that were never designed for the crazy numbers they get now. I'll dig out some more photos!

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