I am so fucking done with smartphones, jesus christ

@TechUr iPhone 13 has just been released. How about an unboxing stream

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@sullybiker sure, you got $700 to spare? I wouldn't last a week with an iphone anyway

@TechUr $700? It it's not the MC Hammer Versace gold leaf edition I don't even get out of bed

@TechUr I'm quite tempted by the Purism stuff as I have a Samsung S21 and honestly, it's a bit shit. They're all awful. So many little things I dislike.

@TechUr ...But also I don't really want to go back to a Nokia 3310 either.

@sullybiker I was actually considering just going to a Nokia 6300 and just use a HiBy R3 Pro Saber for music and a Canon Powershot for pictures and videos, and keep it all in a small bag. That's all I mostly use my smartphone for anyways. Pictures/Videos, Calling + Texting, and Music.
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