Hewlett Packard, fix your goddamn terrible trackpad drivers. I am fed up of my work laptops spazzing out every few minutes.

Well, I'm very miffed. The iVRY PC driver for the PSVR2 released, but it turns out my RTX2070 doesn't have a Virtual Link port. How immensely annoying.

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TIL that researchers have developed a wearable bioreactor that, with just 24 hours of use, can induce long-term limb regeneration in adult Xenopus laevis frogs. This treatment led to significant tissue regrowth and functional recovery over 18 months.

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Whenever I have to complain about a company and I'm getting nowhere, I buy a share in the company and contact the investors relations team, you be surprised how quickly your issue gets sorted.

So far, very impressed with FUTO keyboard. "Your keyboard shouldn't connect to the internet" -- infuckingdeed! Nice to be able to use speech-to-text w/out worrying about getting snooped. play.google.com/store/apps/det

in that air force advert, I don't really get what the jets scrambling have to do with the satellite not getting shot down. they don't do anything. what's the narrative here?

@sullybiker for sure. gonna be a PITA if you have to buy groceries on your bike through. got a loaner?

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If ever tempted by the siren song of privatization, magical efficiency elves etc., just remember this.

"South West Water increased its annual dividend to investors to £127m in May. In the same month, 17,000 of its customers had to boil water due to contamination with the cryptosporidium parasite, which results from faecal pollution of water supplies."


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therapist: are these "stakeholders" in the room with us right now?

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“Erik Prince, the founder of the military contractor Blackwater and younger brother of Betsy DeVos, invited around 650 of his contacts to join a secret, private group chat. And now it has leaked.”


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Scientists tested replica Bronze Age armour on Greek marines. Here's what they learned
More than a dozen elite Greek marines dressed up like Bronze Age warriors and practised ancient fighting techniques — all in the name of science.
#cbc #news #Radio #AsItHappens

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"If SUVs were a country, they would be the world’s fifth largest emitter of CO₂"

I'm so disgusted, I can't find the words... 🤬

SUVs accounted for 48% of global car sales in 2023, reaching a new record and further strengthening the defining automobile trend of the early 21st century – the shift towards ever larger and heavier cars.

There are now more than 360 million SUVs on the roads worldwide, resulting in combustion-related CO2 emissions of one billion tonnes, an increase of around 100 million tonnes from the previous year.

Despite advances in fuel efficiency and electrification, the trend toward heavier and less efficient vehicles such as SUVs, which produce 20% more carbon emissions than an average medium-sized car, has largely nullified the improvements in energy consumption and emissions achieved elsewhere in the world’s passenger car fleet in recent decades.

Capitalism is killing us.

FULL ARTICLE -- iea.org/commentaries/suvs-are-

#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Capitalism #BusinessAsUsual

lol. I would shoot my computer in the head if it tried installing this shit. t.co/NuPhHjTEu4

swear, my air fryer is baffling. it lets out cryptic beeps sometimes, for no evident reason. the other week, I walked into the kitchen when I wasn't even using it and it's display just said 'FLIP'. is it ... trying to say my name?

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I need to stop believing I can change the outcome of football matches with the right choice of Nanoleaf light scheme.

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