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Ever wonder what the rest of Citizen Kane looked like? Got AI to generate the other 78 years of Charles Foster Kane’s life not depicted in the film, from potty training and first steps to board meetings and tax audits. Over 200,000 hours of him sleeping, it’s boring as fuck

God I hate port forwarding. How is it still a thing? Feels like something you'd need to do on a 386, along with configuring a Soundblaster.

I've lost my wok. How? How do you lose a wok?

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Three headlines in a row on Dutch news site nu.nl

1. Even the biggest lakes in the world are drying up

2. It’s going to be perfect weather for pub gardens a little longer

3. Police unions are angry climate activists are not being charged

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There isn't a "crisis in masculinity."

There are just guys who can't cope with there being any standards or expectations for their behavior at all after being told they could literally do whatever they wanted and treat people like property.

There's a reason every proposed "solution" is misogynist as hell and involves forcing women into a social position where their lives, bodies, and livelihoods are entirely controlled by men.

Because these men are pigs and want to live life on easy mode.

"Get over here, private!"
squidge squidge squidge
"Double-time, you maggot!"

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was getting annoyed with my shoe squeaking, so ordered a fancy new pair only for them to squeak twice as much and twice as loud. fml.

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So, in John Wick, the High Table is effectively a violent hotel franchise, have I got that right? Like Travelodge, but posh and infested with hitmen?

Boltgun is good! It's refreshing to buy a game, for a reasonable price, on launch day, without any Early Access bollocks, and have it both work fine and be great. Turns out, it can be done! :-O

FBI guy: "Mr Musk, you're coming with us."
Musk: "Ha! My Praetorian Guard of Neurolink-enhanced commandoes will cover my escape!"
*pelts feds with dead monkeys*

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Given how central it is to their whole deal, it's galling that Plex's media player remains so resolutely shitty

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We hear you saying that the organization is understaffed, and we’re committed to working on solutions to the problem that are creative, flexible, and most importantly do not involve hiring additional people.

(the 1st time you use it, it might seem a bit slow, but that's cos it's indexing everything on there. It's nice and zippy once that's done.)

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If you ever need to d/l something that's only available on iPlayer, this utility is what you need, it's absolutely fantastic. github.com/get-iplayer/get_ipl

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