Bishop Wilton, Humberside (now East Yorkshire) back in 2011. Before i left the country I did a sort of pilgrimage to a lot of the places I grew up in. I lived here as a teenager, '87-'90. It felt like an eternity. Probably because i fucking hated my school. Dug out of my old HTC Desire folder i just rediscovered.

The postbox and noticeboard. It was a nice place to ride your bike around. Still is. Spent hours as a 13yr old at this spot hanging out with the other kids for hours on end.

Givendale Church, just a 20 minute bike ride out of Bishop Wilton, up an absolute beast of a hill. Really quite beautiful around here. It's right there in a field in the middle of nothing.


One thing the kids won't appreciate now is having pictures of everything. There's a huge photographic hole in my adolescent years where there's probably a half-dozen pictures of me or the places I liked to go. Just memories now.

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