That's horrific. Volunteering your information and location like that.

@onepict There is this pattern with academic and startup incubators wherein they float on this cushion of optimism

I think some of it is also US academia particular in computer science. There's a feedback mechanism in attitude between start ups and academia. And it's a removal from what data means. How can private data being logged can do harm.

There's a lot of privileged kids who've never had to worry about those harms.

@onepict I am glad somebody is finally tackling the menace of tardy pool boys. I am so tired of having to wait to go on my yacht because my pool hasn't been cleaned yet.

@onepict I used to share my location on Google with the wife when I went out on long rides. It would drop signal and show me stationary on some road. She stopped using it because it gave her anxiety haha.

@onepict but the idea of tying in biometric data? You can fuck that sky high

@sullybiker @onepict What's even worse is that none of the commenters stopped to think about potential downsides.

Like what happens when there is conclusive proof that you were close enough to a crime to have witnessed it?

@coyote @sullybiker yeah everyone is so optimistic, and assumes that nothing bad will happen just ugh

@coyote @onepict "If we drain their blood they'll find it useful because who wants to be carrying all that around anyway"

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