@ParadeGrotesque Poettering returned to the mothership to spread his gospel

@sullybiker Reminds me of the Nirvana song - 'Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle'.

@sullybiker Basically Microsoft is in defacto control of systemd after all...

@joeo10 I suspect this is what they wanted Lenny for.

@sullybiker I wonder if M$ will ever learn that code improves with more LoC removed, rather than more added?

Ballmer seemed to grok that, amazingly. Admittedly, that was many decades ago & as far as I know he only ever grokked it in theory, never in practice. Purportedly, he "never wrote a line of code".

Admittedly, Gates porting John G. Kemeny & Thomas E. Kurtz's BASIC to the Altair probably didn't require much coding skill either.

I port software all the time. No one considers me a guru.

@byterhymer I wonder how history will view systemd. It was about much more than in init war, it's about how entire projects can be steered by committed actors.

@sullybiker That is a good question; unknown.

Admittedly, I am probably one of the few people who ever bothered to run NeXTBSD (which was FreeBSD with launchd that jkh & Kip Macy were prototyping years ago also see: youtube.com/watch?v=49sPYHh473 ) eventually PC-BSD/TrueOS/whatever settled on OpenRC to handle similar concerns.

djb's daemontools predates most related efforts & maybe handles the edge cases well? Particularly for its era.

I know some RHEL people too, but tbh none ever impressed me. ;-/

@byterhymer They got themselves into. a highly influential position in the ecosystem just by pumping so many LOC into various things, even running off Canonical which is kind of amusing. But to what end?

@sullybiker Again, I have no good answers to that, but it's interesting to think about I guess?

For me, OS research was always more fascinating in the microkernel realms, Amiga Workbench, Minix, (O)KL4, etc. Linux I pay attention to, but BSDs exist, so I tend to prefer them for mostly good reasons. ;)

Microsoft OTOH, yikes.

I have some weird story about Canonical's former CTO too, but maybe best saved for another time.

@byterhymer 'Big' open source is kind of icky. I went to a con in LA and really it was indistinguishable from a lot of blue chip things. Lots of foundations throwing money around, partying and while fun the disconnect between the values they're meant to have and the 'fuck it lets make it rain' vibe was really terrible.

@byterhymer Also Redmond and others utterly entrenched in there. And Facebook.

@sullybiker I completely concur.

(has uncomfortable flashbacks to the last time I attended an RSA after party for Sourcefire/Cisco where they were giving away MacBook Airs [seemed sus] every 15 minutes and drinks being shared with the ex-wife of a friend who IIRC, had cheated on him with someone from M$. That friend is, last I checked at least doing way better now. But she's all about climbing corporate ladders and making a name for herself, apparently? ;-/ )

@byterhymer They're all like that. It's very weird and if it's not your scene it can feel really odd.

When I was in LA a young woman at the bar where I ate dinner asked if I could talk to her because she was getting bothered by the person next to her. It took me a while to realise it was *me* that was getting worked.

@byterhymer Would have been all about it a decade ago but a decade ago it never happened, haha

@byterhymer I know some Redhat people that were not ecstatic about it, one container engineer even ocnsidered it completely irrelevant, ironic given this was one of its goals.

@sullybiker no no, it's complete when Windows itself uses systemd

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