Piastri the most impressive thing from qualifying. Sargeant showing he has a lot to learn.

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@PeterBronez He'll learn. Hopefully he can do something from the back. Him and the car are fast enough.

@sullybiker it’s really fun to watch the #f1 rookies. Since it’s the “pinnacle of Motorsport” there are some interesting dynamics.

- 1st year and 10th year racers on the same grid

- you can be really good in the feeder series yet inadequate in F1

- youthful reaction times are balanced out against experienced intellect

This is only my second season watching regularly, so I’m just picking up on these things.

@PeterBronez F2 is like wine, some years are really good, some not so much. Piastri and Sargeant go way back competitively, they came from a good field last year.

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