Tried Devuan for the first time on my testing box. Daedalus/12 is really decent, and very close to the 'normal' Debian experience. Very impressed. I'm surprised how much skill fade I've experienced with sysv scripts though; such is the enterprise penetration of systemd.

I had to do the firmware dance initially, which Debian sorted out a little while ago, but that isn't a big deal. The experience did make me realize how widespread the systemdification of things has gone, which of course is one of the goals of the Devuan project - to avoid this.


For example some common .deb applications that have a demonized component ship systemd service files, so you have to figure out their replacement. Again just a little work, and not a big deal. It's normal in something like Slackware, but the bsd-style init is really simple there.

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