More responsibility at work has meant a lot more involvement with Windows, and while I'll do it because it's my job, holy shitballs do I dislike it.

So much busy work to do because of proprietary nonsense, and the whole ecosystem feels like a giant cluttered mess.

Take remote administration for example; Windows is incredibly open by default and yet getting this to actually work is surprisingly annoying. Everything about it annoying.

Powershell is a step in the right direction but Microsoft never found something they couldn't fuck up. Take the security modules: There are *85* cmdlets. Its bonkers.

It does give you a lot of *Nix-like commands (which are aliased to various powershell cmdlets) but it's something, at least.

But look at big tin for example, there is still no way - almost amazingly - to say "I would like this filesystem on that Raid Virtual disk thank you". You can't do it. It's not a use case. You can mount a volume on the filesystem but not anywhere useful.

The entire ecosystem is designed- by-committee bullshit. I swear it's intentionally arcane and complex to sell certs.


The AD is out of our control, so you get bonkers things happening like the built-in admin account getting disabled via GPO, so you can't add yourself to the admin group on the server, and have to ask someone else to do it, FML

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