I started doing some simple yoga to help out with my core strength on the bike, which I discovered is very poor. What I have *also* known but had verified is I have absolutely dreadful posture. It's a real effort to correct a lifetime of slouching.

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@sullybiker I’m guessing you drive a fair bit, being in the US?

Change your rear view mirror so that you have to sit up straight rather than leaning back on the seat. For a couple of weeks, you’ll keep going “oh shit, can’t see” and sitting up again, but it’ll soon get to be second nature.

@Flick My car just doesn't fit very well (I'm 6'3") but I'm not in it too much, it's mainly my office desk and at home where I have to really watch it. I can watch my posture a lot easier at work. At home it's too easy to sink into the sofa with the dog sleeping on me (yes I am blaming the dog)

@sullybiker When I started doing it, I was driving about forty minutes four or five days a week, and it did make a big difference. Can’t hurt, right?

I have great posture now, even with lolling on the sofa bedecked with dog.

@sullybiker i hate core exercises with a passion. all the pain and discomfort of running but with none of the adrenaline or endorphins to offset it.

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