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In 1997 a #virtualworld program called OnLive! Traveler allowed people to visit multiuser #VR spaces with fully functional voice chat ... over dial-up internet and first gen Pentiums PCs.


Long gone now, replaced with copypasta apartments, like so many of the former industrial sites.

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Who would have guessed the Brady Bunch predicted what social gathering in 2020 looked like?

One year of Cancer treament, and I'm clear. Stage 3 metastatic melanoma . Oncologist informed me just 5yrs ago this would have been an unlikely outcome, in other words I would be dead or very ill by now.

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For anyone on LR who would like an alias setup for a email let me know. I registered it specifically for going to Linux Fest and events so I can still have a valid email and troll the people who kept asking me for my address. It caused some good laughs for sure and funny looks. If you are on LR and want an alias DM me the user@ and the forward to email and for being a LR user I will set it up for free.

1985's 'Edge of Darkness' really was a masterpiece. Nuclear paranoia and rogue intelligence services. Very Le Carre.

Back in 2017, before all this madness. Guilt free crowds enjoying the sun. Canon 6D, Sigma 20-40 F2.8.

Starting Monday with 3hours of Zoom meetings is not my cup of tea.

May 10th 2014, waiting to get on this Air Canada 777-300ER and cross The Atlantic to England. I haven't been back since. Canon 20D, Sigma 20-40 F2.8.

The latest Clone Wars episode was really good. Worth the wait from the slightly tepid start to the season.

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