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A Polish MiG-29UB (formerly of East Germany) bathing in a rare bit of 🌞 in Yeovilton. If you'd have told me growing up I'd be taking pictures of a MiG-29 alongside RAF aircraft at a Royal Navy base I'd have never believed it.

Panavia Tornado of the Royal Air Force leaving Yeovilton. Very much the aircraft that accompanied a rural childhood in Yorkshire, with them thundering all over the wolds on low-level sorties, practicing for a war in Germany that thankfully never came.

A Hungarian An-2 having a fun little run at Yeovilton in 2011. It has a party trick where the minimum speed is so slow in a headwind it appears to be hovering (groundspeed of zero).

Max performance climbout for the A380. The telephoto exaggerates the angle, it was nevertheless a sight to behold. The aircraft stayed pretty much inside the display box the whole time, like an elephant doing ballet.

The Airbus A380 demo at Farnborough, this time with the Engine Alliance power (Pratt & Whitney and GE, iirc) prior to its absolutely bonkers demo flight.

EGHI had loads of General Aviation movements. This is a Turbo Arrow that despite being in the UK full time has an American Registration.

I flew one of these to Leeds/Bradford back in the day. A very quick flight. They were nice. Very modern interior, like a jet. Great views due to the high wing and low cruise altitude.

One of FlyBe's DHC-8-400s ('Q400'). There were loads of these, you could go up to EGHI and see them any time of day. They were ubiquitous and boring, but are now history. This airframe ended its days in Nigeria, now listed as 'stored'.

The Normen-Britten Trislander, Aurigny used these noisy little buggers to go back and forth to the Channel Islands. I regret not taking this trip, they look a hoot.

The fence was a huge annoyance to me, it was part of a car park they build near this spot (which is an elevated earth mound overlooking Southampton's sole runway.

This is a sparkling Embraer E-195 'E-jet' of FlyBe. This airline was finally killed off by the pandemic, winding up in March 2020. The aircraft now serves LOT 🇵🇱

Messing around with Darktable and i found an archive of old images from the last time I went to EGHI/SOU to photograph the traffic on a boiling hot Spring day.

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In a film with so many hilarious little scenes Human Traffic's Jeremy Factsman still gets the most laughs from me, especially the having-it-large ending.

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Dear US folks:

1AM Thursday morning, don't forget to turn your bathroom scales back 15 pounds for Thanksgiving.

I thought Max Verstappen had this title in the bag. Now I'm not so sure. Something has happened in Hamilton's head and he might just pull an 8th title off.

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The Force Engine: a reverse engineered, rebuilt Jedi Engine for modern systems.

TFE is currently for classic Lucasarts games such as Star Wars: Dark Forces and Outlaws.

Core Game Loop Release, version 0.7 is finally available; weapons, items, and AI has been integrated.

Dark Forces can be completed from beginning to end using The Force Engine!


#TFE #StarWars #DarkForces #Outlaws #Lucasarts #gaming #Linux #reverse #engineerig #TheForceEngine #modern #systems

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