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On a tangent from all the XZ drama, I'm somewhat amused that this proposal is essentially uncomfortably aligned with many, many criticisms of systemd from the last decade.

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Hey funders,

You know you could just... give... the money... to projects that need it. Like software libraries that ARE IN EVERYTHING.

No grants. Don't make tech nerds write grants.
Don't make the tech nerds hire grant nerds to write grants.

FFS don't fund research into this problem with a budget of double what it would take to SOLVE THE PROBLEM for a significant number of open source projects with code that is, again, IN EVERYTHING.


SavageGeese represent everything I cannot stand in motoring journalists. They decide they don't like something out of the gate, then laugh at it and shit all over it because they're car bros, and car bros are going extinct, so they regressively kick out like teenagers. Pathetic. They acknowledge the Leaf's achievements but refuse to give it any credit at all as a viable EV.

A Beneteau 40.7 maneuvers under sail in the tight confines of the itchen river in Southampton Whenever I see people on a sailing boat on the water on a warm day, I have a pang of jealousy I'm not with them.

Two NS SD40e helpers race to their next job. They are based in Altoona, and help shove the heavy freight consists up the hills near Horseshoe Curve, PA. Canon 6D, ef 50 1.8

A couple of Andalucian village scenes. Steep steps, and flowers on the window sills, all under a clear blue sky. The sweat from the climb is usually worth it.

Wawel Castle, Krakow, December 2009. This was on my birthday, and I remember being freezing cold (-20C!) and seeing this from the banks of the Wistula, so I set my camera on the wall and let grabbed a picture. The barge thing in the foreground is a shame but I like the mood.

The sun sets over Giewont, Poland's sleeping knight. 2009, Canon 20D, EF 70-200 F4 L.

Tatra Mountains, Poland 2009. Near Zakopane. A Summer hiking in the hills is time well spent. Canon EOS 20D, efs 18-55 w/polariser.

The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, 2005. Really clear March day.
EOS 20D, EFs 18-55 w/polariser.

Las Vegas, late 2018. I took a walk around the strip just after sunset, before it got really busy. I like the little splash of light in the the sky in this picture.

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What’s the best eclipse merch you’ve seen from communities in the line of totality for April 8?

This is one of my favorites, from Newcomb, NY in the Adirondacks. (Their motto is “heart of the park”)


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Everyone wants a simple solution to the xz incident but the reality hurts. It's going to be expensive and hard work but if we all work together to yeet computers into the sun we might just be able to solve it

At the other end of the train, leading it back from Frostbugh is another Dash 8, this one in the WM livery. Behind it sits the generator car, as I don't think the dash 8 can typically run passenger cars as it is a freight loco. .

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An ex Norfolk Southern Dash 8 waits in Cumberland MD to lead the scenic railroad service this morning. It's a two hour ride, out and back. Very relaxing.

Covid for the fourth time. This thing still has teeth. Over a week now and had a nasty dip yesterday. Always has a long tail for me.

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