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Where was this band when i was 18? Oh..they were every band on the Sunset Strip.

God Help me I have discovered Steel Panther

"25 Of the Most Inspiring Books Everyone Should Read" Thanks, Pocket.

"Take it from these CEOs, founders, and other high-achieving leaders."

I feel like I take it from them most days, TBH.

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@sullybiker : The link you posted is inaccessible from some users.
Why not post alternative link next time? So other mastodon readers can visit the website


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Absolute banger of a chorus and this singer has a great voice

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The three worst times to schedule a meeting are, in no particular order:

* the beginning of the day
* the middle of the day
* the end of the day

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you even do something and instantly think afterwards "huh. why did I do that", as if so I think you should check out my new book about my life

I think Coraline comes very close in that handmade feel.

Watched Labyrinth with the kids. It's aged...fairly well. Relatively long intro by today's immediacy. I'd be curious how they'd make it now.

Nostalgia in the comments is cautionary. I was actually there; not only did they have some sound problems not evident in this mix, but they were quite underwhelming. It didn't help that all the opening acts were pretty quiet.

Sure Greta Van Fleet sound, er, a bit familiar to anyone that has heard like, one Led Zep record but they're fun and new, and anything new in rock is good at the moment. 🥁 🎸

I've been really enjoying Riki Rachtman's reminiscing about the 80s Sunset Strip scene. I have also realised who GTA's Lazlow was modelled on.

I miss knowing what people were playing on Winamp

Just as app developers lose the legal defence of complexity when they restrict instances, so now AWS can now be compelled to remove subscribers as long as the pretext is satisfied. This is not necessarily good, as it only requires manipulation of the pretext.

I know people are pleased about AWS binning Gab but I am somewhat alarmed at the precedent.

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