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There's another Half Life game coming? Crikey.

Ferrari as usual finding new ways to fuck things up, Seb the scud stud again flawlessly driving into Chuck Lecluck.

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"They know my one weakness: that I'm weak!"
- Homer J. Simpson

I expect context is not part of the subconscious mechanism that puts you there.

Something that fascinates me about dreams is how you can be in unusual places or scenarios and you never question it. No 'why am I here'.

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♲ lol i'd forgotten about this classic mastodon exchange.

"Cows are recognized as adept swimmers comfortable with covering a few hundred yards. But swimming miles of open water in a hurricane is outside their general range of expertise."

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Hello to all, is a new free, encrypted, collaborative project platform with anonymity features.
The site is available for managing each of our projects with your friends, association or your team.
Four features for now:
- a forum
- a calendar
- an interactive map
- and a todo list.

Have fun!

Of course when it's a review channel, there's also entire videos that are thinly disguised shilling.

One of the consequences of YouTube's change in Ad revenue has been creators rolling in their own informercials, usually for mobile gaming. Some are better than others, but it's still annoying as they're often distractingly long.

Where I lived 38yrs ago. All gone now. The whole area is extensively developed.

It is bastard cold out there. I am not enjoying this polar winter preview.

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