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Apple/Safari uses a password generator that is really good; it makes 20char passwords that have pseudo-words in them, making them easier to remember. I wish more things would do this.

You have to be careful with cp to a USB stick on a high memory machine, it'll perform the entire copy long before the I/O queue is written. I'm watching iostat on a copy that finished 5 minutes ago...

My Raspberry Pi (which I paid too much for, but they're cheap at twice the price...which they are) is finally set up taking over from my aging 2009 Mac Mini as a media server.The Mac had started to run very hot, the drive was in failure again (heat, natch) so it was time to go. I'm in love with these little ARM computers and want another one now.

Week from hell at work. Glad that''s over. Got to spend some time with some of my favourite PhDs so that was a bonus.

Can you hear it, fedi? That's the sound of the wekend.

Happy Friday all you lovely fedi people around the world!

Not saying I favour cloud over big tin on prem but it Is such a fucking pain in the arse to manage big tin on prem sometimes.

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Safari does this weird thing in dark mode: It dims the tabs a little bit when you're on a focused window. If your sight isn't great with low-contrast (which might be why you're using dark mode in the first place) this is not at all useful.

Had a problem molar taken out yesterday, first tooth I ever had pulled. The procedure was fine but the pain 4hrs later was pretty Spicey, and the pain killer didn't blunt it. Then as fast as it arrived it disappeared.

Think most of it was jaw pain from the pushing and pulling.

Think you sized you /usr partition right? But who's this? It's MATLAB with a 30GB steel chair

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Hashtag trending? Neat.

#LibreOffice is easily one of the most amazing pieces of #FreeSoftware I've ever used. Ever since I began using GNU/Linux, it's one of software that I use regularly and never fails me. I wrote college papers with it, arranged my finances and budgets, and even wrote a full book with it.

Whenever I need something that I must rely on for portability, LibreOffice is a must: open standards, formats and cross-platform awesomeness that I can rely to open my files anywhere!

Been enjoying the new prehistoric Attenborough show. It's a good companion to the Branagh-narrated Walking With Dinosaurs, which still holds up very well.

Synology really need a native CLI tool for modifying UID/GID as right now you have to just see what the NAS creates then alter the client.

The NAS /etc/passwd comes from a black box DB, and messing with this file as with any *NIX platform can be perilous.

As the Formula One circus rolls into Monaco I like to remember this great photo of Stefan Johansson in 1985, burping out some excess fuel on the way into Casino Square.

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I'm the boss now, so I get to deal with all the interpersonal conflicts too - exactly what I didn't want. But it's all part of the cake, so I will eat it and like it.

Injuring yourself in middle age is a hoot.

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