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"But if we fail, people won't be paid, society will grind to a halt" Don't enable addicts. It is exactly what they are. Addicted to the finite high of growth which can only end in the misery and despair of a crash when it all falls down.

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An entire planet cannot be held hostage by the whims of a bunch of suited wankers playing God with the world's money. It's absurd.

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At some point the financial industry crying wolf is going to stop working, and they're just going to have to fail. It will be hard, but it will be necessary.

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Microsoft Azure's @medium page just published this guide on how to deploy Mastodon on Azure.

Now the fellow who wrote this doesn't directly work for Microsoft.

But clearly, Microsoft wants to use Mastodon to sell Azure. Otherwise they wouldn't publish this article on their official Azure Medium page.

I've been predicting this for months.

In fact, Microsoft has been telegraphing more and more involvement with the Fediverse.

See also: @dotnet


Credit Suisse gets 50 BILLION of what I am sure has been happily donated by the world's wealthiest.

Oh no, that's right, they just got paid by Joe public to continue playing the tables with their customer deposits. As usual we all pay for banking fuck ups and nobody learns anything. JFC.

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I'm sorry, were any of you planning on telling me there used to be a species of penguin that was 6'7" (2m) tall and weighed 250 lbs (115kg) called Mega Penguin or was I supposed to just find that out on my own

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Today in 1823, 200 years ago: Sailor Benjamin Morrell erroneously reported the existence of the island of New South Greenland near Antarctica.


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Today in 1781, 242 years ago: In the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Guilford Court House is fought near present-day Greensboro, North Carolina, in which 1900 British troops under the command of General Charles Cornwallis defeat a mixed American force of a total of 4,400 soldiers in a Pyrrhic victory.


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Every time I bring a sandwich for lunch it is a matter of sheer luck if it survives until lunchtime.

Looks like the brief surge from the SVB scare is over for crypto. Back to the usual 5% rollercoaster.

Most people's use case is fashion accessory running MS applications, or similar proprietary. No I don't know how to configure your outlook because I spent the last decade of my career specifically avoiding that

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I wish people would understand that the fact I have a Mac (largely for the terminal) does not make me 'the Mac guy'.

> How do I do *this*

"I have no fucking idea

People are now blowing up bird site about a certain AI model being able to predict the future. How long before people start worshipping it?

CVE remediation really does feel like sweeping sand off a beach at the moment. There's just so fucking many.

Some days I'm Manny, Some days I'm Bernard.

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